Raptive SEO Amplifier - Powered by WordLift FAQ [TRIAL]


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Raptive SEO Amplifier - Powered by WordLift?
RaptiveSEO Amplifier - Powered by WordLift is a WordPress plugin that automatically enriches the metadata of your posts. This helps search engines better understand your site content so that more people searching for your content can find you, which leads to a 3-5% lift in search pageviews.


2.  How can this help improve my search rankings?

We are always looking for ways to help our creators improve SEO, and we discovered that due to needing complete metadata, creators have posts that rank lower than they could. To simplify the process of updating metadata for hundreds of posts, we partnered with WordLift, an SEO company, to develop a solution. 

In our early tests of the Raptive SEO Amplifier, we found that having the plugin enabled on your site has the potential to achieve a lift of 3% or higher in search pageviews across all your posts. The highest lift is actually seen in your top-ranking posts since these are the ones that benefit the most from the tie-breaking power of having strong metadata on your site. As you continue to update posts and create new ones, Raptive SEO Amplifier will continue to learn the new entities included in your content and automatically add the appropriate metadata as needed.


3. What does Raptive SEO Amplifier do? 

The solution is a WordPress plugin that automatically looks at the tags used to describe your site’s content and links them to the entities in our proprietary food knowledge graph. This ensures that search engines know exactly what each tag refers to by associating it with known entities. The result is higher ranking content and posts that are more likely to appear in rich results. 

These are the key benefits: 

  • Increases search performance without having to make any changes to your content 
  • Eliminates manual work and gives SEO solutions like Yoast a boost 
  • Makes sure that your aligned content shows up in standard and more prominent rich results 
  • Enables more people searching for your content to find you easily, which increases search traffic

4. How does the food knowledge graph work?

Our proprietary food knowledge graph was created specifically for our creators and is only available in our network. This knowledge graph captures as much information about the food space as possible, increasing the scope and detail of the metadata added to each of our creators’ recipes. It creates semantic associations between related food terms, connecting these terms to other publicly available knowledge graphs (such as Wikidata). For example, if a creator writes about "baked salmon," we can associate "salmon" with all the relevant metadata about that term. 

Since the Raptive SEO Amplifier takes advantage of our food knowledge graph, it can capture as much information as possible about the food space and enrich creator metadata beyond what other products can do.

5. Is my data safe from a privacy standpoint if I use this plugin?

Yes. Although the knowledge graph that powers the plugin is a collection of terms we’ve pre-populated based on public sources and any unique terms we find on your site, it contains no direct associations to your content or data. There is no way to trace any term that the plugin enriches back to any particular site. The information stored in the knowledge graph is only from publicly available and defined entities (such as Wikidata) and keeps no record of any association it makes with your site.

6. I already have Yoast. How does Raptive SEO Amplifier help?

The Yoast SEO plugin uses templates to generate SEO titles and meta descriptions (HTML tags that summarize what your content is about) for each of your posts. The Raptive SEO Amplifier takes things a step further. It enables search engines to better understand your site content by establishing associations between the tags, public knowledge graphs, and our food knowledge graph, exclusive to our creators.

7. Which creators can participate in the trial?

  • Platinum, Platinum Elite, and Luminary levels 
  • Creators with food-focused content 
  • Users of WordPress and the WordPress Recipe Maker Plugin

8. I'm interested in the trial. How do I get started?

We're glad you want to try out Raptive SEO Amplifier and are excited to see its impact on your search performance. Please reach out to your account manager for more information.

9. What if I don’t want the plugin applied to all posts on my site?

You can exclude some of your posts from having WordLift applied to them. You can configure this in WordPress by selecting the Exclude/Include URLs option in the WordLift plugin menu. Enter the complete URLs of the posts you want to exclude in the text box, making sure the Exclude option is selected, and save this preference. WordLift will be applied to all posts on your site except those on this exclusion list.

10. Where do I go for support during the trial?

Creators that are participating in the trial can submit a ticket for support or reach out directly to their account manager. 

11. How is the Raptive SEO Amplifier powered by WordLift optimizing the images of my posts?

Google looks for a few different image ratios to use the photos in your post in rich search results: 1x1, 16x9, and 4x3. The recommended minimum size for the 1x1 ratio is 1200px by 1200px. For all the posts on your site that have images of this size, the plugin will automatically create the 16x9 and 4x3 ratios of the image and add this to the structured data for the post if it is missing. Any posts with images smaller than 1200px by 1200px will not receive this optimization. We recommended adding images of this size in your content as you work on updating your posts to make sure that they are eligible for rich search results.

12. Will installing this plugin negatively impact my Core Web Vitals scores?

The Raptive SEO Amplifier plugin will not impact your Core Web Vitals. Since the plugin operates behind the scenes on the metadata of your content rather than on the page itself, it will not affect anything related to the page experience.

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