Newsletter Identity Capture

Raptive’s Newsletter Identity Capture helps creators earn higher CPMs by retaining and refreshing email identities from subscribers when they click links from an email newsletter. 

Advertisers place a higher value on recognized site visitors, so this is a simple way to turn your newsletter clicks into the highest possible CPMs. This solution also helps you grow your base of identified readers, which will be a huge benefit when Chrome does away with third-party cookies in 2024.

This unique feature enables the identification of 2-3X more readers than relying solely on identifying users on login or email signup. Identified readers monetize at 100+% higher CPMs on 3rd party-cookie-less traffic (i.e., Safari and Firefox) than non-identified and at ~20% higher CPMs on traffic that has 3rd-party cookies (Chrome).

How do I set up the clickthrough URL?


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How it works

Based on the email service provider (ESP) you use, add the correct snippet of code to the clickthrough URLs in your email newsletters. This snippet helps our system refresh the reader's identity and drop a first-party cookie on their browser, so they're identified when they come back, earning you more money both on the initial clickthrough from your email, and when they come back in the future.

Behind the scenes:

  1. A subscriber clicks through to your site from a link in your newsletter 
  2. Our Email Identity turns the email address into a hashed identity token (encrypts it with a unique code) and stores it as a first-party cookie
  3. We share the first-party cookie with advertisers who bid more for identified readers  
  4. Ads on the page earn much higher CPMs than ads with non-identified readers 


We’ve seen a ~100% increase in CPMs from Safari and Firefox—which no longer rely on third-party cookies—and our newsletter clickthrough identification system identifies the reader. Safari deletes the first-party cookie within a week, so the system refreshes the cookie every time a reader revisits your site via the updated newsletter link. 

How do I set up the clickthrough URL?

Based on your ESP, find the code below to add to the end of your clickthrough URL.


Add this to the end of the Click Through URL for all of your ConvertKit email newsletter broadcasts, and sequences:

?adt_ei={{ subscriber.email_address }}

image (94).png


Add this to the end of the Click Through URL for all of your email Mailchimp newsletter broadcasts, and sequences:



Use the personalization value you have set up in your account for "Subscriber Email address" after the string ?adt_ei= to the end of the clickthrough URLs for all of your email Active Campaign newsletter broadcasts, and sequences.  If you're using default personalization values, use this:


Campaign Monitor

Add this to the end of the clickthrough URLs for all of your email Campaign Monitor newsletter broadcasts, and sequences:



Add this to the end of the clickthrough URLs for all of your email Feedblitz newsletter broadcasts, and sequences:



Flodesk currently does not support adding email addresses to links. Please submit a feature request for them to add the ability to include an email address in links: 


Add this to the end of the clickthrough URLs for all of your email MailMunch newsletter broadcasts, and sequences:



Add this to the end of the clickthrough URLs for all of your email MailerLite newsletter broadcasts, and sequences:



Add this to the end of the clickthrough URLs for all of your email Aweber newsletter broadcasts, and sequences:



Add this to the end of the clickthrough URLs for all of your email Aweber newsletter broadcasts, and sequences:



Add this to the end of the clickthrough URLs for all of your email Mad Mimi newsletter broadcasts, and sequences:



Add this to the end of the Click Through URL for all of your email Klaviyo newsletter broadcasts, and sequences:

?adt_ei={{ email }}


Please get in touch with if you’re working with another ESP; our team will work on a solution with your ESP.


Who is eligible to use this solution?

Creators who use the Raptive Ads Plugin can use this solution to earn more revenue. Please be sure to update to the latest plugin version (v3.4.1).

Creators can participate whether or not they are using the Raptive Ads Plugin. The solution works automatically if you have the most updated version of the plugin installed. If you are not using the plugin, you will need to manually add a snippet of JaveScript to detect and hash emails (see directions below).

How do I use this if I am not running the Raptive Ads Plugin?

Creators not using the plugin can also use this solution but must install this JavaScript code directly below the opening <head> tag of their website to ensure it executes before any other scripts.

 <!-- START email detection script -->


    !function(){"use strict";var"&");const t=e=>e.replace(/\s/g,""),o=e=>new Promise((t=>{if(!("msCrypto"in window)&&"https:"===location.protocol&&"crypto"in window&&"TextEncoder"in window){const o=(new TextEncoder).encode(e);crypto.subtle.digest("SHA-256",o).then((e=>{const o=Array.from(new Uint8Array(e)).map((e=>("00"+e.toString(16)).slice(-2))).join("");t(o)}))}else t("")}));for(var n=0;n<e.length;n++){var r="adt_ei",i=decodeURIComponent(e[n]);if(0===i.indexOf(r)){var a=i.split(r+"=")[1];if((e=>{const t=e.match(/((?=([a-zA-Z0-9._!#$%+^&*()[\]<>-]+))\2@[a-zA-Z0-9._-]+\.[a-zA-Z0-9._-]+)/gi);return t?t[0]:""})(t(a.toLowerCase()))){o(a).then((t=>{t.length&&(localStorage.setItem(r,t),localStorage.setItem("adt_emsrc","url"),e.splice(n,1),history.replaceState(null,"","?"+e.join("&")))}));break}}}}();


    <!-- END email detectio script -->

Please feel free to reach out to if you need help with this.

Does dropping or adding the code create any slowness for my readers?

No, it won’t affect speed for your readers at all as it only runs when an email address is passed to your Raptive ads.

Does this impact my UTM parameter tracking?

It should not. Automated ESP UTM parameters have worked perfectly with the clickthrough ID string in our testing. If you manually add UTM parameters, start them after the ?adt_ei={{ ESP specific email macro}} with an &

Can a third-party access user email addresses? 

The email in the URL parameter gets stripped immediately on page load and is not accessible by any third parties. We are fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Should I update my privacy policy or provide notice to my newsletter subscribers?

No, your current privacy policy should link to our Universal Advertising Privacy Policy, which includes email identity implementation.

Does adding this code affect any privacy compliance settings?

No, this feature only works for consenting users. We are fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Can you target an existing email tracking cookie so we don’t have to add the new string?

For now, we can’t target any other strings. We will look into exploring this option with ESPs. 

Where can I see analytics for my newsletter click-throughs?

Let us know when you send your first email using the clickthrough string, and we will send you a high-level snapshot of reporting 3-5 days later.

What if I don’t currently collect email addresses?

You should start as soon as possible! Building your email list is one of THE most valuable things you can do to prepare for the future, especially when third-party cookies go away. Here’s an easy way to start: Use a “Quick Start Guide” to grow your email list.

While you can turn on Raptive Email Identity and continue with your current email strategy, the recommended next step is to focus on converting more of your readers into email subscribers. With Raptive Email Identity and a robust email engagement strategy, you’ll cultivate a community of high-value readers who return to your site.

What if I don’t have a newsletter?

Think about starting one! Newsletter signups are a powerful way to build a more engaged community and increase sessions and ad earnings. When someone signs up for a newsletter, you immediately start earning more money from that session because of the increased value of first-party cookies to advertisers.


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