Shoppable Recipes Overview

Turn ingredients in your WP Recipe Maker recipe card* into affiliate links with Shoppable Recipes, a feature of Raptive’s Affiliate Platform. We’ve hand-selected hundreds of product links for our affiliate partners like Target and Walmart to help you make your recipes easy to shop!

*Shoppable Recipes requires both the WP Recipe Maker Premium plugin and Raptive's Link Monetizer feature to be active on the site.

  • An easy way to make money from affiliate: Simplify turning ingredients into affiliate links without doing any extra work.
  • Drive higher ad spending: When you participate in Raptive’s Affiliate Platform, our partners may also spend more money on your site through advertising. It’s a double benefit!
  • Diversify your revenue: Supplement your advertising revenue with a new revenue stream.

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How it works

We’ll install Shoppable Recipes via the Raptive Affiliate plugin—Shoppable Recipes is compatible with WordPress, and requires the WordPress Recipe Maker Premium plugin as well.

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Shoppable Recipes will find ingredients in the ingredients section of your WPRM Premium recipe card and add product links for partners like Target and Walmart to those ingredients. Our Link Monetizer feature will turn those product links into affiliate links.

  • Shoppable Recipes won’t update ingredients if they are mentioned elsewhere, like the recipe notes, instructions, etc. To monetize these ingredients, add product links and our Link Monetizer feature will turn them into affiliate links.
  • Shoppable Recipes won’t change any existing affiliate links on your site.
  • Shoppable Recipes will write these links to the content of your recipe card. This means that if you want to discontinue Shoppable Recipes in the future, you may need to go through and update ingredient links.

Who should run Shoppable Recipes?

Shoppable Recipes may be a good fit for you if you’re:

  • A food creator or someone who publishes recipes on your site
  • Using the WPRM Premium recipe card WordPress plugin
  • Looking for an easy way to turn ingredients in your recipes into affiliate links
  • Creating content for readers who are likely to shop at or

Required: affiliate disclosures

Before you begin using any Raptive affiliate products, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires certain disclosures on your site:

  1. On any page that contains affiliate links
  2. In your privacy policy

1. Pages that contain affiliate links

On each page that contains affiliate links, you must state that there are affiliate links on the page and that you may earn a commission if readers make a purchase through links on your site.

This text needs to be above the fold, meaning the reader should not have to scroll to find the disclosure. Many sites place this in smaller text near the top of every page so it’s clearly visible and not intrusive.

Example language:

  • This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through links on our site, we may earn a commission.
  • I get commissions for purchases made through links on this post.
  • This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please see our disclosure policy.
    • Note: the words “disclosure policy” must link out to your disclosures page.

If you wish to have an additional disclosure next to a product link where it appears in the text, you may do so. However, this does not replace the need for a disclosure at the top of the page above the fold.

The examples above are guidelines only. You can use any language you like as long as it’s compliant with the FTC’s Dot Com Disclosures Guidelines, the FTC’s Endorsement Guides, the FTC’s Endorsement Guides FAQs, and any additional merchant terms and conditions, which can be found here. It’s your responsibility to adhere to each merchant’s terms and conditions and the FTC guidelines, so it’s worth familiarizing yourself with both.

Common plugins used to add affiliate disclosures to posts:

  • WP Affiliate Disclosure
  • WP Code
  • Ad Inserter

2. Privacy Policy

You need to include a sentence or two about your participation in affiliate marketing programs in your site’s privacy policy. This text should provide transparency to users as to how the affiliate program works.

For example:
[YOUR SITE NAME HERE] participates in affiliate marketing programs. This means we may post customized links, provided by retailers, to track referrals to their websites, and we may earn an advertising fee from any purchases made through these links. This program uses cookies to track visits for the purposes of assigning commission on these sales.

Shoppable Recipes revenue reporting

Once we’ve installed Shoppable Recipes, earnings will be available in your dashboard after your first reader’s purchase. You’ll find your affiliate revenue reported in a new Commerce Earnings page in your dashboard, and it will be paid out with your regular Raptive earnings.

Most merchants typically finalize affiliate commissions 60 days or more after a reader makes a purchase to account for returns. You’ll see affiliate revenue in your dashboard after a reader makes a purchase, but the revenue may fluctuate during this “lock-in” period (which may be different for each merchant.) Once the merchant finalizes the commission, you’ll receive affiliate earnings on Raptive’s typical net-45 schedule.

Note: Shoppable Recipes revenue is not included in your daily ad revenue reporting on the My Dashboard page or in any other Earnings reports currently.

Shoppable Recipes FAQs

How do I get Shoppable Recipes?
The Raptive Affiliate plugin is currently rolling out to Raptive creators by invitation, but we’re happy to set this up for you if you’re interested! Just reach out to the team.

What retailers are available via Shoppable Recipes?
Shoppable Recipes currently includes hand-selected and products.

Does Shoppable Recipes override existing affiliate links on the site?
No, Shoppable Recipes does not replace any affiliate links already on the site.

Will using Shoppable Recipes impact my SEO?
Shoppable Recipes has no impact on SEO. The features adds nofollow links to existing content.

How much can I expect to make from Shoppable Recipes?
Your Shoppable Recipes earnings will vary depending on a number of factors, like your traffic to pages with recipes and how likely your audience is to purchase ingredients online. It can be hard to predict affiliate revenue because it depends so much on your readers’ behavior—do they click your links, and do they buy products through those links?

The more your readers act on your recommendations and engage on your site, the more you can generally expect to make from affiliate revenue:

Can I see which ingredients were updated and on which posts?
You can see the ingredient links in your recipe card by going directly to your posts. Currently, there isn’t a snapshot of which ingredients have been matched to an affiliate link or the links that have been updated across all of your posts.

How many ingredients will be linked on a given page?
We automatically match every ingredient available in the recipe card where possible. While there is no limit to the number of ingredients matched, Shoppable Recipes only inserts affiliate links in the recipe card.

Can I exclude pages that I don’t want to contain affiliate links?
Shoppable Recipes will match all ingredients in the recipe card that don’t already have an affiliate link. There isn’t currently a way to exclude specific pages.

Does Shoppable Recipes work on pages that have WPRM Custom Links enabled?
Currently, Shoppable Recipes cannot add affiliate links to ingredients on pages with Custom Links enabled, just those that use Global Links.

How are ingredients picked? Can I override the default recommendations?
Our internal team has selected and vetted the ingredients that Shoppable Recipes uses. You can always change the recommendations in specific WPRM recipes by editing the content in WordPress.

How does the affiliate cookie window work?
Once a site visitor clicks an affiliate link on your site, you’ll earn commissions on any products purchased from that retailer within the referral window defined by that retailer.

For example, the visitor could click an affiliate link for a toy and add it to their cart. While on the retailer’s site, they might also add some clothes to their shopping cart and then check out. You would earn a commission on all commissionable items purchased, including the clothes.

Another example is if a visitor clicks on an affiliate link for a toy, decides not to buy the product, and leaves the retailer’s website. A few days later, the same person could return to the retailer’s website to buy a few health/beauty products. You will still earn a commission on this purchase if it is within the specified number of days since the user clicked on your affiliate link.

What is the increased direct advertising spend?
Raptive creators benefit from direct deals with advertisers, which is part of how you earn higher RPMs. Creators who use Shoppable Recipes are also eligible for a higher portion of some participating retailers’ direct ad spend. Some partners prioritize ad spend toward creators who drive affiliate traffic and orders.

How do I turn off Shoppable Recipes if I want to stop using it?
Like your ads, Shoppable Recipes requires a 30-day notice to discontinue. Please contact if you’d like to stop using Shoppable Recipes.

Once Shoppable Recipes is deactivated, it’s up to you whether you want the product links to remain in your recipe cards. If you don’t want those product links in your recipe card anymore, our team can help you remove them.

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