What ad layout will I need to run?

You will be expected to run our standard optimized layout across your whole site, which will be installed using our WordPress plug-in. This standard ad layout has been proven to perform well across the majority of sites. Our standard optimized layout includes the following:

  • Sticky Sidebar Ads on desktop
    • These sidebar ads will stick at the bottom of your sidebar content and stay on-screen as a reader scrolls down the page. Only on desktop devices and only if a sidebar is active on your site.
  • Sticky Content ads starting at medium (20%) density logic
    • Ad density is our method for placing ads in your main content area, which looks at the pixel height of your content area and calculates how many content ads can fit. The number of content ads will vary depending on the length of the post, but the target ad density will be 20% to start, which is a good balance for most sites between revenue and user experience. As an added benefit, the sticky behavior of these content ads means minimal impact to CLS. Read more about our method for ad density.

      Once your ads have been live for two weeks, you'll get access to the Ad Preferences page where you can choose between high (25%), medium (20%), or low (15%) density.
  • Recipe ads (if applicable)
    • The number of recipe ads will vary depending on the length of the recipe card. Only applicable for sites using a recipe or how-to card.
  • Below Post ad
    • This ad will load at the bottom of your posts after the main content.
  • Comment ads (if applicable)
    • Additional below post ad units will run if you have a comment section turned on. The number of ads in the comment section will vary depending on the number of comments.
  • Sticky Footer ad
    • This high-paying ad sticks to the bottom of the screen on both desktop and mobile. As part of our optimized layout, it will not have a close button.
  • Sticky Playlist Video
    • This video ad unit starts in the content of a post and then collapses to the bottom right corner (desktop) or top center (mobile) and sticks on the page as the reader scrolls. 
    • It is generally the highest-paying ad unit on a site. If you do not have any video content for your site, we will provide a stock video so you can take advantage of this video revenue. 
    • For pages where our Sticky Playlist video player can’t run, we will run the Sticky Outstream player instead which loops ads without any video content.
  • Custom Creative ad campaigns

You can get an idea of how this ad layout looks on our sample page here.

As part of the Raptive Rise program you will also be enrolled in Auto-Optimize which keeps your ad layout optimized as new ad products roll out or strategies evolve. As new ad formats or strategies are released, they will hit your site immediately, which means faster, higher earnings for you!

You will be opted into the following ad categories:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs & supplements
  • Video games
  • Significant skin exposure

Two weeks after your ads are installed, you'll also gain access to the Ad Preferences page. This will allow you to make some customizations to your ad layout.

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