What does a Raptive Rise creator get?

Raptive is giving exclusive access to a small group of creator sites with 50,000-99,999 monthly pageviews who are on an upward trajectory. In addition to accessing a personalized dashboard and proprietary resources, Rise creators can elevate and grow their business and traffic with benefits across our three solutions offerings: 

  • Audience Solutions: 
    • Content Optimization/Topic
      • 40 Topic briefs per month
      • Custom content insights & guidance
    • Slickstream Engagement Suite
  • Revenue Solutions:
    • Ads
      • Industry-leading RPMs
      • Monetized video player
      • Standard, auto-optimized ad layout
      • Continuous network-level monitoring
      • Unique demand partnerships
  • Business Solutions:
    • Resources & templates to help you hire and grow your team
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