Link Generator Overview

Diversify your revenue streams and make more money with Link Generator, part of Raptive’s growing Affiliate Solutions.

Link Generator makes the affiliate link creation process simple and helps you be more efficient by bringing all of your affiliate tools and reporting under the Raptive roof. Simply copy and paste a product link into the tool and we’ll turn it into a monetized link for you to add to your emails, newsletters, social media, and websites!

How it works

Once you’ve signed the Raptive Affiliate agreement, Link Generator will be available in your Raptive dashboard. To sign the agreement, navigate to the Affiliate Earnings page in your dashboard.

Once you’re on the Link Generator page, generating affiliate links is as simple as following 4 steps:

  1. Copy the URL of the product you’d like to recommend to your audience
  2. Paste the product URL into Link Generator
  3. Select a channel* (i.e. your website, email, or social media) and add a referring page URL (optional)
  4. Generate and copy your affiliate link to add to your website, social media, or email!

*Tip: selecting the channels for your links that match where you’ll place them will allow you to view reporting by channel on the Affiliate Earnings page.


Link Generator Screenshot_5.28.png

Behind the scenes

Raptive partners with 13k+ merchants to make sure we can affiliate product links from all of your favorite brands. You’ll find a link to view the available merchants and commissions for each on the Affiliate Earnings page in your dashboard.

Revenue reporting

Once you’ve added affiliate links to your website or other channels and your readers are engaging in purchasing products, earnings will be available on the Affiliate Earnings page of your dashboard.


Raptive Dashboard Commerce Earnings Jan 2024.png

  • Earnings: Your commissions for purchases made. May fluctuate due to returns or exchanges until they are locked by the retailer.

  • Locked Earnings: Your guaranteed commission after retailers’ lock-in dates. Locked earnings will not change even if an item is returned or exchanged.

Most merchants typically finalize affiliate commissions 60 days or more after a reader makes a purchase to account for returns. You’ll see affiliate revenue in your dashboard after a reader makes a purchase, but the revenue may fluctuate during this “lock-in” period (which may be different for each merchant.)

Once the merchant finalizes the commission, you'll receive affiliate earnings on Raptive’s typical net-45 schedule.

Note: Link Generator revenue is not included in your daily ad revenue reporting on the My Dashboard page or in any other Earnings reports currently.

Required: affiliate disclosures

Before you begin using any Raptive affiliate products, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires certain disclosures on your site. Click here to read more and take the next steps to ensure you’re compliant with FTC requirements.

Not sure where to start?

There’s no wrong place to start! Here are a couple of ideas for how to drive revenue through Link Generator:

Scenario Link Generator Solution
I have a number of high-traffic website pages that I know my most loyal readers are visiting and loving. Was there a kitchen appliance that you couldn’t have created that recipe without? A gardening tool that helped make your backyard look beautiful? A gaming console that you’ve been recommending to all of your friends?
Add a bit of content about your experience with the product and why you love it to let your readers know what it’s done for you–and then add a link to it!
I send out a weekly newsletter with new posts and updates on what I’ve been up to. Share with your readers a list of products you’ve been loving that week! As long as you’re being authentic about how you used and why you loved a product, your readers might be excited to do the same.
My YouTube videos have been getting great engagement recently and I want to do more to monetize them. Add a list of the products you used in the video so that your readers can see how much you love them and purchase for themselves! 

Raptive conducted a study with Nielsen that proved the power of creators in advertising. 86% of creator fans surveyed reported trusting and enjoying creator product recommendations and 88% said they enjoy learning about new products or services through creators. Your readers trust and love your recommendations–why not drive revenue while you provide your readers with great recommendations?

Link Generator FAQs

How do I get Link Generator?

If you’ve already signed our Raptive Affiliate agreement you’ll see a new Link Generator page in your dashboard. If you haven’t signed the agreement yet, go to the Affiliate Earnings page of your dashboard to sign up.

How does this work with Link Monetizer?

Raptive’s Link Monetizer solution is your go-to for automatically affiliating links you’ve already added to your site. Link Generator meets you one step earlier in your content development process and is the tool to use as you’re creating content for your website (if you’re not using Link Monetizer), email, or social to quickly generate and add affiliate links.

Where will I see revenue reporting?

You’ll find all revenue that you earn through Link Generator and other Raptive Affiliate solutions on the Affiliate Earnings page of your dashboard.

Which merchants does Raptive partner with to generate affiliate links?

You’ll find a link to view the available partners and the commissions for each partner on the Affiliate Earnings page in your dashboard.

What are the Raptive Affiliate commission rates and how do they compare to other affiliate programs?

You’ll find a link to view the available partners and the commissions for each partner on the Affiliate Earnings page in your dashboard. Our business development team works hard to make sure we secure you the best commission rates and exclusive deals so make sure to check out our documentation to see what we offer for any partner you’re interested in.

What happens if Raptive doesn’t partner with a merchant that I copy/paste a link for?

You’ll see a message notifying you that the merchant is not supported by Link Generator. If there’s a merchant you work with often that isn’t available, we’d love to hear that feedback!

Why am I getting an error message for Amazon links? I see they’re on the merchant list.

If we’ve recently enabled Link Generator for you, it may take up to 3-5 business days for us to enable Amazon for your account. We recommend checking back in soon and reaching out to our support team if you’re still seeing an error after 3-5 days.

What does the Channel selection do? Will anything break if I put a link with the channel “Email” on my website?

We added the channel selection so you can see reporting by channel. Our recommendation is to use the following mapping so that you can see engagement and revenue segmented by channel:

Where you’re putting the link: Channel to select in Link Generator:
Your website Link Generator
Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc. Social
Your email newsletter Email


Don’t worry if the channel labels aren’t perfect! Nothing will break if your selection in the tool doesn’t match the channel the link is placed on, for example adding a link with “Email” as the channel to your website. If you want to add a link to both your website and email, you can either use the same link and pick a channel or (for more precise reporting) generate one link with the Link Generator channel and a second with the Email channel.

Can I add my own custom tracking IDs to Raptive links?

Not at the moment,  but if this is functionality that will be helpful to you, please let us know.

Does Raptive tag affiliate links with “rel=nofollow” or “rel=sponsored”?

Link Generator only generates a tracking link, not the full link HTML, so you’ll need to add these tags whenever you add an affiliate link to your site to ensure they are not crawled by Google.

How should I think about using Raptive’s Link Generator along with other links from my other affiliate programs?

One of the great benefits of Link Generator is bringing all of your reporting under one roof, but we totally understand if you’ve got a process in place with other affiliate programs that works for you! We encourage you to check out our commission rates documentation to see if we can provide you with higher rates.

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