Can I add another person to my Raptive dashboard?

We're happy to add additional users to your Raptive dashboard. We have several options to choose from:

  • Business Partner: This user will have full access to the dashboard, including the ability to view and edit account and payment information.
  • Limited Partner: This user will be able to access everything in the dashboard except payment and tax information. 
  • Video Assistant: This user will only have access to the Video page and can upload and manage videos.
  • SEO Assistant: This user will only have access to the Content Optimization page and can create and edit content briefs.
  • Video/SEO Assistant: This user will have access to only the Video and Content Optimization pages. They will be able to upload and manage videos and create and edit content briefs.

Dashboard Access.png

Submit a request here in our Help Center to let our team know you’d like to add a new user. Please include:

  • The new user’s full name
  • Their role in your business 
  • Their Google-affiliated email address
  • If you would like them to have full permissions or video-only permission

Some important things to know:

  • Our dashboard requires a Gmail or Google-affiliated email address to log in.
  • You can set any email address up with a Gmail account. Here's how.
  • If you'd like to revoke access for this additional user in the future, we can update that on our end for you as well.
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