How can I access my 1099?

We use Track1099 to send 1099s electronically in mid-January to the email address listed in your payment profile (Payments > Payment Info) in your Raptive dashboard.

What does the email look like?

Subject: 1099-MISC from AdThrive, LLC

From: Track1099 1099 & W-2 <>


Need help finding the email? Make sure to check your spam and promotional folders first. Still no luck? Let us know!

Once you click the large blue "Retrieve Your 1099-MISC" button, a new window opens up on this page:


Verify your identity by entering either the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN), whichever was used to fill out your W-9 in the Raptive dashboard.

You can check for that by logging in to your Raptive dashboard and navigating to Payments > Payment Info from the menu. Click through to Page 3: Tax Forms, and click "To view the information you submitted, click here." Under "W9 Form Details," it will list which tax identification number you entered on the W-9 form.

After you're logged in, your 1099 form will load, and you can choose to download or print it. Nice and simple!


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