Do I need to submit a W-8 tax form?

A W8 form is for non-US individuals and businesses earning income from a US source (that's Raptive!). You can read more about the W-8 form here on the IRS website.

If you're an international creator, we'll need a completed W-8 tax form on file for you to submit your payment regardless of which payment method you choose. 

Should I choose the W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E?

Choose the W-8BEN form if you file as an individual, and choose the W-8BEN-E form if you file as a business.

What do I select for FATCA status?

FATCA status has to do with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. This form section is relevant to foreign financial institutions (FFIs) that act as an intermediary, receiving money from the US on behalf of an individual or another business.

Most creators who fill out a W-8 form select "Active NFFE" for their FATCA status, which stands for "Non-Financial Foreign Entity."

Please don't hesitate to talk to a tax professional if you have additional questions about filling out your tax form.

You need to update your W-8 every three years in order to remain payable.

The IRS requires international creators to update their W-8 tax form every three years. That means, for us to continue sending payments on time, we need you to update your tax form on file with us every three years (see schedule below):

Year W-8 tax form was filed W-8 Expiration Date
2020 December 31, 2023
2021 December 31, 2024
2022 December 31, 2025
2023 December 31, 2026
2024 December 31, 2027

To update your W-8 tax form, go to Payment > Payment Info in your Raptive dashboard, click “Next” untill you get to Page 3 Tax Forms.

Click on the “To submit a new tax form, click here” link to submit your W-8 and avoid delays to future payments. 

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