How to filter out bot traffic from your Google Analytics account

Are you seeing bot traffic in your Google Analytics, skewing your pageviews and making your RPM look lower? 

Here’s how to fix that…

Step 1:

Inside your Google Analytics account, navigate to the Admin section and choose your website's relevant view (typically, 'All Web Site Data'), then click on 'Filters':


Step 2:

Click on 'Add Filter'​:


Step 3:

Name the filter — you can use something like "Bot Traffic". Choose the 'Custom' filter type, and check 'Exclude'. Use the Filter Field: 'Campaign Target URL'.


In the 'Filter Pattern' field, add the correct URL for the bot traffic you're seeing on your site specifically. 

Common examples we've seen:,,,, 

Step 4:

Hit Save.

Your filter is now live in Google Analytics, and traffic matching the bot URL won’t be counted in your Google Analytics view for your site.

Step 5:

Lastly, be sure that the 'Bot Filtering' box is checked in your Google Analytics Settings. This will help to exclude hits from any source Google recognizes as known traffic bots.


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