How to report bad ads with the #audit feature

We work hard every day to make sure we serve up the highest-quality ads for our publishers. Sometimes, however, an ad you’d rather not see on your page slips past us. When this happens, simply use the #audit feature to flag content for us to review.

When to use #audit

Use the #audit feature to report broken ads, ads playing audio, inappropriate ads, or ads from optional ad categories you’re not opted in to (e.g. politics). If you’re addressing personal preferences, like blocking a competitor or avoiding specific content (such as not wanting to see ads for meat on a vegetarian recipe site), please reach out to us directly.

Note: #audit will not capture ads contained within the video player. In this case, or if the ad you want to report isn’t displaying an overlay, please take a screenshot of the ad in question and send it our way.

How to use #audit

We’ve made it simple to report ads for review. Here’s how:

Step 1: Navigate to the page with the problematic advertisement.

Step 2: Add “#audit” to the end of the URL and press Enter/Return (do not refresh the page).


URL with #audit:

After you hit Enter or Return, the screen will freeze, and you’ll see an overlay on all ads on the page, giving you the option to report the bad ad.

Step 3: Click “Report this ad” on the overlay for the ad you wish to report:


When you click on the overlay, a pop-up window will appear with a form to fill out.

Step 4: Complete the form, enter your email address, and click Report:


What to expect

Once you’ve submitted the #audit form, we’ll review the ad for adjustment or removal. You won’t see an instant change, but we’ll be sure to review and take quick action.

We understand that broken and inappropriate ads can ruin a browsing experience for readers, and we want you to feel confident running Raptive ads. Features like #audit are an easy way for you to help us make everyone’s browsing experience positive and problem-free!

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