The must-have features in Slickstream and how they improve site visitor experience

We're excited to offer Slickstream to our creators free of charge and hope everyone takes advantage of what it provides. Here’s a little more about what Slickstream does and how the most popular features will increase pageviews and revenue for your site. 

Slickstream converts casual site visitors into frequent loyal readers 

You've invested a lot of time in creating quality content and spent numerous hours on SEO to get more traffic to your site. Now you want to keep those visitors on your site longer and coming back for more. This is where Slickstream comes in. 

With Slickstream, you get customizable site features that create a premium and engaging experience. Engaged visitors stay on your site longer and become frequent loyal readers that drive up ad impressions and make you more money.

When comparing a test group of Raptive creators who use Slickstream with those who don’t, we saw an average lift of 10% in session RPM and a significant bump in pageviews per visitor over the first four months after installation.  

Installing these recommended Slickstream features is the fastest way to increase your visitors' pageviews, clicks, and time on site.

Search: Make it even easier for readers to find more content 

Placing the always-present floating search icon (magnifying glass) at the bottom of the page makes it easy for readers to find more content. Search results are organized neatly into categories like "popular," "most recent,” and more.  

Dynamic Content: Get your readers hooked 

Adding Dynamic Content thumbnails to your site presents additional content to your visitors based on Slicksteam's powerful recommendation engine. This AI-powered feature is usually placed within or at the bottom of a post and guides readers to more enticing content. 

Rather than using guesswork to determine what content should be displayed, the powerful recommendations engine analyzes tons of data and surfaces posts that visitors are most likely interested in. You can place this feature anywhere on the page and present the content in any way you like. 

Favorites: Encourage visiting your site more often 

Giving your site visitors the ability to bookmark their favorite content allows them to find what they love faster when they return — with or without logging in. If you don’t require visitors to log in and create an account, favorites are stored on the visitor’s browser but can be lost if the browser storage is cleared. Setting up the ability to create an account allows visitors to save their favorites and access them from any browser or device. 

Activating the fluttering hearts feature allows your fans to show their appreciation so that other online visitors can see. These eye-catching fluttering hearts also encourage significantly more favoriting and email sign-ups!

Highlighter: Draw more attention to your email sign-up

Using the Highlighter feature effectively draws attention to your subscribe widget or any other piece of content. When visitors scroll, and the email subscribe element comes into view, the rest of the content on the page is grayed out temporarily, making the email sign-up box impossible to miss. 

ESP Integration: Build subscribers and first-party data 

When site visitors log in using favorites, you can also capture their email addresses with our ESP connection. This connection offers simple integration with popular email service providers to grow your subscriber list and first-party data. Currently, Slicktream integrates with these email service providers: ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Hubspot, Klaviyo, and MailChimp. Please let us know if you need any help connecting your ESP or are using a system we don't support. 

Analytics: Gain deeper insights 

You gain new insights with each Slickstream feature you implement on your site. When visitors land on your site, Slickstream tracks their journey, giving you more granular data than Google Analytics so that you can make more informed decisions about your content strategy. 

Check out all of the data that you have at your fingertips:

  • Searches: What do visitors search for, and what do they end up clicking on
  • Recommendations: Which recommended posts have the most clicks 
  • Favorites: Which pages have the most favorites/pageviews
  • Memberships: How well is your subscriber list growing 
  • Content: Check out the pageviews, engagement time, favorites, click-throughs, and header bidding RPM for each of your posts
  • Slickstream widget usage: Which widgets are clicked and how often
  • Engagement Reports: These one-time reports are delivered by email seven days after you first publish a post. Review the summary of metrics to see how visitors have interacted with the post.
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