How does my Google Analytics data affect my ad earnings?

Google Analytics never affects your ad earnings — your ads have their own built-in analytics based on impressions — but it does affect how we track and report your ad performance, so it’s important to make sure Analytics is accurate.

Remember, your RPM is a simple breakdown of your ad earnings per 1000 sessions:

(Ad earnings ÷ sessions) * 1000 = RPM

If your sessions aren’t reporting correctly, then the calculation will be off (but your actual earnings will not be affected). For example, if your Analytics isn’t recording every session on your site, your RPM can look higher than it actually is. On the other hand, if your Analytics code is installed twice, it will report double your actual sessions, and your RPM will look much lower as a result.

We recommend the old-school, tried-and-true method of installing Google Analytics by placing the code inside the <head> section of your site, because we’ve found it to be the most accurate way to track pageviews.

If you make any changes to the way Google Analytics is installed on your site (moving the code, changing themes, switching Analytics plugins, adding additional tracking or other Analytics codes), let us know so we can double-check that everything is tracking correctly for your ads!

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