When do I get paid?

We believe you deserve to be paid on time, every time. We guarantee full payments for publishers, whether we get paid by advertisers or not.

And we want to get your money into your hands quickly! We pay your ad earnings on a net-45 schedule, even though most of our ad partners pay us on a net-60 or net-90 plan.

On a net-45 schedule, your total ad revenue earned in January pays out on March 15, February earnings on April 15, and so on.

Here's a chart to see our payment schedule at a glance:


We send payments out a few days before the 15th to make sure it reaches you by the 15th, always taking weekends and bank holidays into account. So if you update your payment details, please do so at least a week before your next payment goes out to make sure your new details save in our payment system before we send them.

After we submit your payment, the funds will be available after your bank processes it. 

Payments under $25 (or under $100 for wire transfers) will be deferred and automatically included in a future payment once the total exceeds the threshold amount. Any deferred or rejected payments will automatically roll into the following month's payment once the issue is resolved.

Check out the rest of the Payments section here in our Help Center for more information on Raptive payments, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

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