Why was my payment deferred?

If your Raptive payment did not go through, you will see it marked “deferred” in your Raptive dashboard under Payments > Payment History > Status. 

This may happen for a few reasons:

No payment information

Your payment will defer if you do not enter your payment info before payments go out.

To add your payment info, click on Payments > Payment Info in your Raptive dashboard. On this page, you can update your contact details, choose a payment method, enter your payment information, and submit a tax form. Click through to the last page to ensure your information saves.


Invalid tax form details

When your payment information or contact information doesn’t match the information on your tax form, it won’t validate, and your payment can’t go through.

Click Payments > Payment Info to see your contact details and compare them to the tax form you submitted on this page. After updating, click through to the last page to ensure your information saves.

If you're having trouble getting your tax form validated, this article can help! 

TIN failed validation

For US creators: When you submit your tax form, our payment provider validates the tax identification number (TIN) you provide with the IRS. If there’s an error matching up your TIN, you’ll receive email notification of the problem so you can log in to your Raptive dashboard and fix any errors on your tax form. Our payment provider must successfully validate your TIN with the IRS for your payment to go through.

See this article if you are having trouble getting your form to validate.

Payment threshold not met

Most payment methods require a $25 minimum of earnings to accumulate before a payment can be made. If you’ve earned under $25 (for example, if you joined Raptive towards the end of the month), those earnings will defer until it reaches $25, and then they’ll deposit with the following payment.

Note: The wire transfer payment method requires earnings to reach $100 or more before paying out.

What should I do if my payment was deferred?

Update your payment info or fix your tax form, and the deferred amount will pay out with the next scheduled payment. 

Note: If you have more than one site at Raptive, you will need to enter your payment information for each site.
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