Gross Reporting

Gross Reporting is currently available to Raptive Platinum, Platinum Elite, and Luminary creators. Learn more about Raptive’s creator levels.

We’re introducing new reports to increase transparency, showing exactly what you’re getting paid broken down by gross and net revenue, type of auction, and top ad tech partner sources.

You'll find these reports in your dashboard on the Gross Reporting page beneath the Earnings section. This report has three tabs: Gross Earnings, By Auction Type, and By Ad Tech Partner.

Gross Reporting updates on the 15th of each month for the complete previous month.

Gross Earnings

The Gross Earnings report includes the total earnings from advertisers broken down by each day of the month. This is where you can see gross and net revenue for your site, your revenue share, and on rare occasions, any additional revenue (for example, when we reimburse you for an issue with ads loading that impacted ad revenue.)

Why would my revenue share ever be higher than 75%?

We overpay in favor of our creators when something happens that would hurt creator revenue. For example, when an advertising partner goes out of business and doesn’t pay us, we still pay our creators. In that case, our revenue share is actually a negative number—we’re paying creators 75% of an amount we never received in the first place.

Why do I see an amount labeled as an "Adjustment?"

Sometimes, there may be an issue where ads don’t run, or ad performance is lower than it should be due to an error on our end. In that case, we don’t make any money at all, but our data scientists report what a creator should have made based on trends and ad impressions, and we pay creators anyway. If we reimburse you for an issue like this, you’ll see it reflected in the report as an “Adjustment.”

Note: Any adjustment amount will not be included in the Auction Type and Ad Tech Partners reports.

Is revenue from sources other than ads included in Gross Earnings?

Today, Gross Earnings only includes revenue from advertisers. It doesn't include other revenue sources like affiliate earnings (for example, from Raptive Link Monetizer) or sponsorships.

By Auction Type

By Auction Type offers a detailed breakdown of the different ad auction systems through which Raptive creators earn their money. You can filter by gross and net revenue and see details on the percentage of revenue you’re receiving from each auction Raptive works with, like Prebid, Google AdX, and Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace.

Why is one auction source higher than the other?

It’s normal to see the percentages fluctuate between auction types each month. Ad tech partners use different auctions in different ways to set up campaigns based on what the buyer/advertiser needs to accomplish. The auction that will drive the most revenue for you for any given ad impression wins out.

Is there anything I should do to earn more from a specific auction?

We’ve designed our auction mechanics to make sure that you’re earning the most from every ad impression. When one auction has a higher share than another, that’s what’s best for your revenue, so it’s not particularly helpful to focus on earning more from one given auction. Instead, focus your efforts on earning more from your ads overall.

By Ad Tech Partner

By Ad Tech Partner shows the amount spent by each of our bidders participating in the auctions on your site. You can filter by gross and net revenue, and see details on the amount and percentage of revenue you’re receiving from each partner Raptive works with, whether Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) or Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).

Why do some ad tech partners spend more than others?

It’s normal to see revenue for different ad tech partners fluctuate based on the auctions they’re participating in and the different ad campaigns they’re running. It can even be a good thing when a particular partner goes down—it means someone else is going up and making you more money overall.

Do ad tech partners spend the same across each site?

No. You can expect to see different ad tech partners make up different shares of revenue by site and vary from one month to the next based on the auctions they’re participating in and the different ad campaigns they’re running.

Is there anything I should do to earn more from a specific ad tech partner?

The partner willing to pay the most at any given time wins the auction, so rather than focusing on earning more from a specific partner, focus on making sure you are set up to earn the most from your ads overall.

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