How Turning On Auto-Optimize Makes You More Money

What does the Auto-Optimize feature do?

Turning on the Auto-Optimize feature in the Raptive Dashboard gives Raptive permission to manage your ad layout for maximum earnings, typically 13% higher or more over time! Our team of experts adjusts your ad preferences and settings so your site earns the highest revenue possible-no intervention required. As new ad formats are released, they will hit your site immediately, which means faster, higher earnings than if we had to contact you first. 

How does it work? 

Our Performance Team, whose job is to ensure you earn the most, maintains the best setup for your site based on insights from ongoing testing and individual site analysis. By periodically reviewing reader behavior and ad performance, they adjust ad placements to optimize viewability, CPM, and impressions, while maintaining an excellent visitor experience. 

The optimal setup can change as best practices continually evolve to meet the needs of creators, your visitors, and advertisers. We will always inform you when things change, and you can adjust individual settings to suit your preferences anytime. 

Dashboard Homepage > Ad Preferences > Ad Optimization 



If this is not your current setup, turning on the Auto-Optimize feature will apply the ad preferences and settings below.  


Our recommended ad layout is tested to generate the most revenue per session. It’s more conservative than the ad maximum that Google and the Coalition for Better Ads Standards allow and increases RPM without negatively impacting your readers. We optimize the balance between revenue and visitor experience so readers don't disengage because of too many ads. 

Ad Types

These ads are extra valuable to advertisers, resulting in higher RPMs for you. 

  • Sticky outstream video players are highly viewable video ads that boost RPM by 10–15% for creators who don’t have any video content. If running video players with your uploaded content (Playlist Player, Related Player), RPM is 1-3% higher. 
  • Large format ads are sold by our sales team at higher prices. They have 2-6X higher CPM than standard-sized ads and increase RPM up to 3%.
  • Mobile interstitial ads are on the screen without distractions, and readers must interact to close them, earning 1%+ RPM. 

Ad Layout & Settings 

These settings provide an excellent site visitor experience while maximizing ad earnings potential. 

  • Maintain an ad density of 25% on desktop and 28% on mobile.
  • Manage ad maximum and recipe ad layouts according to content length. 
  • Enable ads throughout comment sections when applicable. 
  • Remove sticky footer ad close button on mobile and desktop resulting in 3-5% more revenue.
  • Enable Raptive Email Identity to authenticate site visitors and increase their value. 


Our recommended video setup has been tested to generate the most revenue per session. Ongoing testing of video player positions, viewability, and behaviors reveals the best settings.  

  • Enable Playlist video player, which earns 25-35% higher RPM on sites without other video ads. 
  • Run Playlist video player at the top of the page on mobile, decreasing close rate by 80% and earning 2-3% higher RPM.
  • Adjust Related video player embeds to stationary, increasing time on page by 80%+ when clicked and earning 2X higher RPM. 
  • Remove video player title wrapper to earn 5-6% more video revenue.

To have the highest earnings potential all the time go to ‘Ad Preferences’ in the dashboard and turn on “Auto-Optimize Now!”.

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