How do I change my contact information with Raptive?

To change the email address we have on file to send you updates and newsletters, drop our team a line right here and we'll update our records.

To change your address for payment and tax purposes, head to your Raptive dashboard.

Once you're logged in, click on Payments, then Payment Info in the sidebar. Click through each page to update your address details, choose a payment method and enter your account details, and submit a new tax form.

Note: Our payment provider's system requires you to click through all three tabs to update your address, banking, and tax form, so please make sure to follow the steps all the way through so you get paid on time.

Click through until you see this page!

What if I have more than one site with Raptive?

If you have more than one site with Raptive, you will need to update your account information for each site separately. Select the site you want to update from the dropdown menu, then navigate to your Payment Info page to update your address, payment, and tax form for that particular site.


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