Why don't my pageviews in the Raptive dashboard match my pageviews in Google Analytics?

Your pageviews in your Raptive dashboard are pulled directly from your Google Analytics account, so the numbers should match.

If you're seeing a discrepancy, first make sure you are comparing the correct dates. Your Raptive dashboard updates at 10:00 am Eastern with the data for the previous day.

High-Volume Analytics Delays 

Google Analytics can experience processing delays from time to time, especially as daily traffic hits certain thresholds:

“Standard accounts that send more than 200,000 sessions per day to Analytics will result in the reports being refreshed only once a day. This can delay updates to reports and metrics for up to two days.” (Source)

Although the listed threshold is 200,000 daily sessions, we often see processing delays happen when sites start reaching six-figure daily sessions. When a processing delay happens in Google Analytics, the full data isn’t available yet when our system pulls in Google Analytics information for “yesterday”. To prevent inaccurate RPM and Page RPM calculations (for that day and the entire month), the system waits to update your dashboard until Google sends over full data. Once Google finishes processing the data, you’ll see everything pulled into your Raptive dashboard the next day!

If you're still seeing an issue, let us know and we'll be happy to take a look!

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