Which advertisers run on my site?

Header Bidding

Every time a reader goes to your website, an auction takes place for every single ad slot on the page, and a giant pool of advertisers have the opportunity to bid for the right to serve their ads to that reader. Whoever bids the most money for an ad space wins, and their ad will serve. It's all decided by technology in the blink of an eye!

So while Raptive doesn't choose which advertiser will show on your site for any specific ad slot or pageview, we have access to the largest brands and advertisers through industry exchanges and through the exclusive premium campaigns our sales team arranges, because advertisers want to advertise on the best sites on the internet (yours!).

Learn more about the advertiser bidding process in this article: What goes into RPM?

And read more about programmatic advertising on the Raptive blog:


At Raptive, we give you the choice whether or not to run certain ad categories, because we like to make the internet a little bit safer for families. You can opt in to additional ad categories on the Ad Preferences page in your dashboard. If you ever see an ad on your site that would not be considered family-friendly, please let us know about it.

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