What is a Comscore Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL)?

What is Comscore?

Comscore is a company that tracks how people use the internet. Similar to how there are "TV ratings" that track how many people watch a TV show, Comscore tracks how many and what kind of people visit different sites. Advertisers use Comscore rankings to figure out which avenues they want to focus on to reach their goals.

What is a Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL)?

A Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL) tells Comscore to include your traffic in the Raptive group of creators. Being a part of our network of creators makes your site more visible to advertisers and helps our sales team secure the best deals for everyone in the Raptive community!

How do I fill out a Comscore form?

You likely filled out your form right before having your Raptive ads installed, but if you're unsure feel free to reach out to our team to find out.

Does assigning my TAL to Raptive keep me from getting credit for my traffic?

No! (This is a common confusion.) When you assign your traffic in Comscore, you still retain all the rights to your own content and data. Additionally, advertisers will see that you're a part of our premium network of sites, and you'll be able to benefit from our negotiations with potential advertisers. Realistically, only the very largest sites on the web are big enough to get that kind of individual attention from advertisers, which is why it benefits you to belong to a group that can help you get exposure with advertisers.

Can I assign my traffic to multiple places?

No. Your traffic can only be assigned to one company at a time. When you assign your traffic to a company for the first time, it's like you're walking into a big room full of tables. You go sit down at the table of the group where you've assigned your traffic. When you assign your traffic to Raptive, you go sit at the Raptive table. This lets advertisers know that your ads are backed by the Raptive reputation for quality as part of the group at Raptive table. If you then assign your traffic to a different company, it's as if you've stood up and moved to a different table and sat down there. You can't sit at two tables at once — you must sit at the table where your traffic is assigned.

What are the benefits of being a part of Raptive’s Comscore network?

This allows Raptive to sell your ads as part of a group to bigger advertisers and package your site with the other high-quality blogs in our network. We can use our relationship with advertisers to help them find your site when they might not have noticed it on its own. When they see the quality of your site, they understand the value and are willing to pay more money.

Bigger advertisers love the quality of audiences that Raptive sites have. The problem from their perspective is that they can't deal with a lot of different sites, and it's hard for them to know the value of one blog. If they want to reach hundreds of millions of people, they like to be able to just go to one place to reach those people. Together, the Raptive group will ensure that your site, as well as every site in the Raptive community, is easily accessible and valued among advertisers!

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