Tax Info for Raptive creators

1099s are issued in mid-January each year.

You are responsible for handling any tax filing or payments required in your state/country for your business setup. Since we're not tax professionals, we cannot provide tax advice.

We use Track1099 to send 1099s electronically via email. Click here for details on what to expect and how to access your 1099. If you don't accept your 1099 electronically by mid-February, we'll also snail-mail it to the mailing address in your Raptive dashboard under Payments > Payment Info. 

Note: The IRS looks at your Tax ID and total amount paid on your 1099 rather than matching the address, so the address listed should be acceptable. 

Not everyone will receive a 1099. We will not issue you a 1099 if your business is listed as an S-corporation (including LLC S-corporation) or C-corporation, if you receive payments via PayPal, or if you earned less than $600. This article can help you figure out if you should expect a 1099.

S-corporations / C-corporations

The IRS doesn't require 1099s for S-corporations (including LLC S-corporations) or C-corporations. If you need a way to validate your ad earnings, you can confirm the total we paid you by logging in to your dashboard and selecting the Payments tab. You can also export your entire payment history to Excel.


PayPal has its own tax form reporting system and is a separate section of the US tax code. If you get paid via PayPal, your 1099 will not include those earnings.

Can I receive my 1099 by mail?

1099s will be issued electronically. If you don't accept an electronic 1099 by mid-February, we'll snail-mail your 1099 to the address listed in your Raptive dashboard under Payments > Payment Info > Address. An electronic 1099 means everything is easily accessible and recorded for you digitally, so that's what we recommend.

US citizens living outside of the US

If you are a US citizen living abroad, you should still fill out a W-9 and report your earnings to the IRS.

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