When should I update my tax form?

It’s important to keep your tax form updated in your Raptive dashboard. Our payment system (Tipalti) pulls information from your tax form, so any out-of-date information may cause a delay in your payment.

Update your tax form if you have a new address, if your name or business name has changed, or if you have changed your business organization (such as going from an LLC to an S-Corporation).

If you make one of these changes close to the 15th of the month, you should wait until you receive your next Raptive payment before changing your tax form. 

If you get an error when you try to update your tax form, please make sure that all information entered in your tax form matches the information exactly how it's entered in your address form (Page 1 on your Payment Info page). Even minor mismatches can cause an error. Please look at this article for common issues that can result in an error.

If everything matches exactly, but your tax identification number is new, it may need time to finish processing with the IRS. You can revert to the previous information and try again in a few days.

If your tax form has become invalidated in our system, you should receive an automated email from Tipalti, our payment partner, letting you know to update it.

For instructions on updating your tax form, check out this article: How do I update my tax information in the dashboard?

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