What if my 1099 amount looks incorrect?

Here are a few reasons your 1099 amount may appear incorrect:

#1 You're looking at your total earnings for the year vs. the total amount we paid. 

Your 1099 from Raptive should match your previous year's payments, not how much you earned. Since we pay on a net 45 schedule, the full year 1099 for 2023 would include payments made January -December 2023 but would be your ad earnings from November 2022–October 2023.

You can confirm the total Raptive payments received by logging in to your dashboard and going to Payments > Payment History. From there, you can also export your entire payment history to Excel to simplify your record-keeping!

#2 You updated your tax structure mid-year, and your new/previous tax structure would not get a 1099. 

If you've made a mid-year change to your tax structure, that might impact the amount you see on your 1099. For instance, if you switched from an Individual to an S-Corp or C-Corp, or vice versa, you will not see the income earned while receiving payments under your S-Corp (including LLC S-Corps) or C-Corp since those tax structures will not get a 1099 from us. You'll be able to read more here.  

#3 You updated your payment method to or from PayPal payments. 

If you updated your payment method to or from PayPal payments, that income may "appear" missing, but payments made to your PayPal account will not be included on your 1099. You can read more here.  

If you believe your 1099 still looks incorrect, please get in touch with support@raptive.com.




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