What if my 1099 amount looks incorrect?

Your 1099 from Raptive should match your previous year's payments, not how much you earned. Since we pay on a net 45 schedule, the full year 1099 for 2022 would include payments made January -December 2022 but would be your ad earnings from November 2021–October 2022.

You can confirm the total Raptive payments received by logging in to your dashboard and going to Payments > Payment History. From there, you can also export your entire payment history to Excel to simplify your record-keeping!

Remember, if you've made a mid-year change, that might impact the amount you see on your 1099. That could be a site sale, or a change to a payment method or business structure that won't receive a 1099, such as switching to receiving payments through PayPal or becoming an S-Corporation (including LLC S-Corporation) or C-Corporation. 

If you still need a correction made to your 1099, please feel free to contact us at support@raptive.com.




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