What is Sellers.json?

Sellers.json is one part of a larger initiative to provide more transparency throughout the digital advertising industry. It’s a public file that lists the sellers (the final beneficiaries of ad revenue) a publisher or publisher intermediary, like Raptive, works with. This helps to reduce fraud and keep digital advertising sustainable in the long term. 

What information is included in Sellers.json?

The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), which sets standards across the digital advertising industry, specifies what must be included in a Sellers.json file. These are the required values:

  • seller_id: a unique string that identifies the seller across the programmatic system
  • name: the person or business receiving payment
  • domain: URL for the associated site
  • seller_type: will be “Publisher” for all Raptive sites, indicating that you are the final recipient of ad revenue payments

Changing your Sellers.json name

If you’d like to update your name in our Sellers.json file, first you will need a payment account established in that name, whether it’s a personal or business name.

Next, update your payment details in your Raptive dashboard to reflect this name change. If you’re using a personal name, you’ll want to select “Individual”, and if you’re using a business name, you’ll want to select “Company”. The Name on Account field is what must match Sellers.json:


Then, just reach out to us so we can make a quick adjustment on our end, and you’ll see that change reflected soon in Sellers.json.

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