How to correctly tag consumer health-related content

If you have consumer health-related content on your site, we’re providing a simple way for your ads to comply with privacy regulations like Washington’s My Health, My Data Act by adding a meta tag to relevant pages.

If a specific page on your site contains health-related content, add the following meta tag to the page:

<meta name="health-directed-treatment" content="true">

Our ad code will read the tag and serve only non-personalized ads to visitors to that page from California, Connecticut, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

It’s important to note that non-personalized advertising pays less than personalized advertising, so pages with high traffic from these states may have a strong impact on your overall revenue from running this tag.

What qualifies as consumer health-related content (CHRC)?

In general, pages that contain specific health advice for those with a specific condition or their caregivers would be considered consumer health content. General health advice that applies to most people would not be.

Here are some examples to help you determine whether specific content is consumer health-related or more general:

Topic Is it Consumer Health-Related Content (CHRC)?
Do air purifiers help you sleep? Not CHRC, since sleep is a general interest.
Best air purifiers to remove forest fire smoke Not CHRC, since avoiding smoke is a general interest
Best air purifiers to remove allergens CHRC, since an allergy is a specific health condition
Best juice blends for morning energy Not CHRC, since this is a general interest
Best juice blends that don’t interact with your prescription CHRC, since prescription info is specific
How to build muscle and lose fat Not CHRC, since this is a general interest
Best exercises to recover from a torn ligament CHRC, since this refers to a specific condition
Top ergonomic keyboards Not CHRC, since ergonomics is a general interest
Keep your carpal tunnel syndrome from getting worse with an ergonomic keyboard CHRC, since this refers to a specific condition
Health benefits of turmeric Not CHRC as long as the article does not mention turmeric as a treatment for a specific condition
Decluttering to boost your mental health Not CHRC as long as the article mentions “mental health” in general and not a specific condition
Whole-house tidy up Not CHRC
Cleaning up a hoarder house CHRC, because hoarding disorder is a diagnosis

If you’re in doubt, we recommend looking up the problem that your content is intended to solve on a health site like Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials—if there’s an article about it, then it’s likely a specific condition and would be considered consumer health-related content.

What else do I need to do to stay compliant?

We’re not able to provide legal advice, but your lawyer may identify additional changes that you need to make in order to stay in compliance with Washington’s My Health, My Data Act.

For example, if your site has consumer health content, your lawyer may recommend that you remove or restrict social media tracking pixels and/or add a separate Consumer Health Privacy Policy which must be:

  • Separate from your site’s regular privacy policy
  • Linked to from the site home page
  • Must not contain information not required by the My Health My Data Act

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