What do I need to include in my site’s privacy policy for ads?

Thanks to our Universal Advertising Privacy Policy Statement, including info on your Raptive ads in your site’s privacy policy is quick and easy and sets you up for success!

Follow these three steps to make sure your privacy policy covers the use of ads on your site:

1. Make your privacy policy clear and accessible

Our partners require that your privacy policy be linked either in the header, sidebar, or footer of your homepage, so it's found on all pages of your site.

This link must include the term "Privacy" in the anchor text and must be visible at all times (it can't be within a drop-down menu).

If you don't currently have a privacy policy in place, be sure to check out this article: Making Your Privacy Policy Raptive-Ready

2. Include these key elements, required by our ad partners

  • Information about how Google Analytics is used on your site, including a link to Google Analytics privacy policy.
  • Your contact information, including an email address where readers can reach you in case they have questions about your site or privacy policy.
  • Information on how transactional data is used if you sell goods or services on your site

3. Include our Advertising Privacy Policy Snippet in your privacy policy

When you join Raptive, you’ll add our Advertising Privacy Policy Snippet to the existing privacy policy on your site. This snippet includes a link to our full Universal Advertising Privacy Policy Statement.

The Universal Advertising Privacy Policy Statement, hosted on our end, explains how advertising works on your site, how user data is handled, and how your ads are in compliance with data privacy regulations.

We host this wording so your privacy policy is basically future-proof when it comes to new advertising requirements! We can make updates on our end when we bring on new premium partnerships in preparation for a future without third-party cookies or need to include specific information for data privacy regulations.

Click here for the exact wording you’ll need to add, which includes the link to our full Universal Advertising Privacy Policy Statement. Copy and paste into your existing privacy policy, and you’re good to go!
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