Making Your Privacy Policy Raptive-Ready

Your site's privacy policy is a legal document that describes how you use information collected from the people who visit your site or otherwise interact with you or your company. A privacy policy is required in order to work with Raptive.

A lawyer who understands your business and the privacy laws that apply to you can help you draft a policy that accurately describes what you do with people's information. You might have non-web data uses (such as social media, events, or affiliate marketing) that are different from those of a similar site, so you can't assume that one site's privacy policy will apply to another.

Sample Privacy Policy

Your lawyer can take advantage of some freely available sample privacy policies, available from WordPress under a Creative Commons license. You probably won't need a lawyer to write a new privacy policy from scratch! Check How to Write and Add a Privacy Policy to Your WordPress Site to get started.

Update Old Privacy Policies

You should have your lawyer review your privacy policy periodically, especially if your site's privacy policy is from 2022 or older. Some old privacy policy language does not apply in current legal and regulatory environments. For example, the statement "We do not sell your personal information" might have been correct in the past, but no longer applies because of how a "sale" is defined under the law. Ask your lawyer to check. 

Making Your Privacy Policy Raptive-Ready

When you join Raptive, your privacy policy must include some important text that is required by Raptive and our partner companies. See What do I need to include in my site’s privacy policy for ads? for the current version and instructions on how to add it to your privacy policy.

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