How does Raptive handle multi-site accounts?

Did you know that it’s easy to have additional sites with us? 

If you're already a publisher with us, the additional sites you own only need 30,000 pageviews per month to qualify for Raptive, as long as they meet all our general advertiser requirements. And if you're a Platinum publisher, minimum traffic requirements are waived altogether.

We love it when you bring on a second site (or more)! Here's some information on how we handle multi-site accounts. 

Dashboard Login

Your dashboard is accessed by your Google account login, and we can assign any number of sites to that email address. While you are in your dashboard, just click the dropdown menu at the top of the page to switch among your sites.

If you have business partners or assistants who only need access to certain sites, we can easily set up their Google accounts to have access to one or more sites. Here's how to add a user to your dashboard.

Dashboard Reporting

Each site’s dashboard contains earnings and traffic information for that specific site. This lets you easily see how things are performing on each of your sites separately!


Each site will receive a separate payment when ad earnings are paid out. You will need to set up your payment details for each site separately, within your dashboard.

Choose a site from the dropdown menu, then navigate to the payment details page by clicking on Payments in the left sidebar, then Payment Info. Follow the instructions in this article to enter or change your payment details. Follow these instructions for each site on your account.

You can enter the same or different payment details for each of your sites, but each site must have information entered for you to receive payment for that site’s earnings!


If you are eligible to receive a 1099, you will receive one 1099 form per tax ID number. So, if all of your sites are registered together under one company, then you will receive one 1099. If you have separate tax accounts for each site, then you will receive a 1099 for each one.

1099s are sent out based on the tax information provided in your Raptive dashboard, so be sure that each of your sites has a valid, accurate tax form.


Your videos for each site should be uploaded to the corresponding dashboard. This will allow us to provide accurate reporting for videos on each site.

Want to add another site? Go ahead and fill out an application for that site, and then give us a heads up so we know to look for it!

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