Can you help me connect my Google Search Console account to Raptive?

If you are having trouble using this guide to connect your Google Search Console to Raptive, then our team can do it for you.

Simply follow these steps, or forward them to whoever manages your site's DNS or hosting:

Step 1: Give our team access to your DNS provider

Instructions for Cloudflare (most common)

  • Follow the instructions in this help article to add as an account member to your Cloudflare account
    • Under "Scope", select Type -> "A specific domain", and then if they have multiple sites, they will need to select the Name dropdown and select the site.
    • Under "Domain Scoped Roles", check "Domain DNS".
    • Your settings should look something like this (but with your site selected in the "Name" dropdown):


Instructions for other DNS providers

  • If you are using a DNS provider other than Cloudflare, there are typically ways to add additional users to your account so that they can edit your DNS records. You will need to search their help documentation to find out how to do this. A few examples:

Step 2: Email

  • Send an email to letting us know that you've given access to your DNS provider and would like us to connect your Google Search Console account.
  • We'll take the necessary steps to connect your account, which include:
    • Creating a GSC Domain Property for your site if you do not have one
    • Authenticating as a user for this property
    • Connecting Raptive's system to the newly created GSC Domain Property
    • Note: This will not interfere with any existing GSC domain properties or sites that you already have set up.
  • Once we finish, we'll let you know and then you can then remove the user that you created in Step 1.

Once your GSC is connected, you'll get:

  • Monthly recommendations of posts you should update now to drive the most traffic later
  • Performance impact reports on content briefs that you have completed
  • Enhanced functionality for SEO features we've got coming in 2023


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