How do I create content briefs in bulk?

If you are optimizing many pages on your site with Topic, it can be tedious to create content briefs for each page individually. Luckily, there is an easy way to create content briefs in bulk.

Simply click "Need to create briefs in bulk?" in the content brief creation popup.

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If you would like to enter the keyword data manually, simply double click a cell in the table to start editing it. To add more rows to the table, edit the last row in the table and press the enter key to finalize your table value. The system should then add another row to the end of the table.

If you have a spreadsheet with the keywords or keywords and URLs that you want to create briefs for, then you can simply paste the data directly into the table, then click "Create Brief" to start creating briefs.

When copying and pasting into the table, you may need to allow the creator dashboard to access your clipboard.

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Keep in mind that the system only allows 20 briefs to be created simultaneously and that your monthly brief limits still apply.

If you need more content briefs for the month, let us know at and we can raise the limit for you.

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