Topic WordPress Plugin Troubleshooting

Experiencing issues with the Topic WordPress Plugin? This document will walk you through the most common steps to resolve the issue.

Table of Contents
Action 1: Logging Out & Back In
Action 2: Alternative Login Method
Action 3: Check Ad Blockers / Malware Blockers
Action 4: Set Up a Call with the Development Team!

Action 1: Logging Out & Back In

Most issues with the Topic plugin related to logging in are token related. Logging out and logging back in allows the token to be reset and for your session connection to return.

Note: If a new version of the plugin is available, we highly recommend downloading the new version first then logging out & back in.

Steps to Take:

1. Open a post in WordPress and click the Topic feather icon in the WP block editor version or “Grade Content” in the WP classic editor.



2. In the Topic plugin sidebar, click "Log Out" in the top right corner.


3. On the “Sign In with AdThrive” screen, click “Sign In with Google”.


4. Sign in with your Google account that is linked to your AdThrive account.


5. You should now be logged in and have access to your briefs from the Topic plugin!

Note: If you are routed to another screen once you sign in to your Google account, please go to Action 2: Alternative Login Method.

Action 2: Alternative Login Method

For various reasons, there can be issues where the token between Google and AdThrive do not connect correctly and you might have issues logging in. The Alternative Login Method allows you to manually form the token connection to log in.

We have all the steps and information you need to complete this easily!

Steps to Take:

1. Instructions will appear on the screen to guide you through the Alternative Login Method Process.


2. As instructed in Step 1, Click “Copy Authentication Key”, which will automatically copy your token for you.

3. At the bottom of the Topic plugin, click on the key icon.

4. Paste the token/Authentication Key in the box provided and click “Login”.

6. You should now be logged into your AdThrive Topic account!

Action 3: Check Ad Blockers / Malware Blockers

Ad blockers or Chrome malware extensions have been known to block the connection between Google and AdThrive login, which causes issues like sites and briefs not loading.

Trying to log in in an incognito browser window (where browser extensions are automatically disabled) is one of the best indicators if your ad blocker or malware blocker is causing your Topic plugin to have issues. 

How to Disable Ad Blockers / Malware Extensions (Chrome)

1. Click the puzzle icon, then the 3 dots next to the extension in question, then “Manage Extension”.



2. Click the toggle to turn off the extension.


3. Reload WordPress and see if the Topic WordPress plugin now works.

Action 4: Set Up a Call with the Development Team!

If you continue to experience issues even after following the troubleshooting steps above, we suggest getting on a quick Zoom call with our development team.

Tia Milder is the Senior QA Engineer on our team who can help troubleshoot in order to find a resolution. Click here to schedule a 15 minute meeting so Tia can help you out!

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