How to identify and report freelance and employment scams

Does Raptive offer work through Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Telegram, Workana, WhatsApp, or any other freelance platform?

No. The only legitimate employment opportunities with Raptive can be found at

We have been notified that fraudulent freelance opportunities at Raptive are being posted across a variety of freelance platforms. These opportunities are not legitimate CafeMedia or Raptive job postings.

How can I tell if I’m communicating with someone from Raptive or a scammer?

Scammers will often use real employee names with fake email accounts. If you are contacted by someone claiming to be an employee at CafeMedia, AdThrive or Raptive, please take a moment to carefully confirm that the email sent to you is from one of our official company domains:,,

These scammers will also often request financial commitment prior to the completion of a project, or will request your personal information in order to pay you. This article posted by the FBI goes into more detail about scammer tactics, and how to protect yourself when applying for jobs.

Lastly, our company will never engage in communications with candidates on Telegram, WhatsApp, or similar chat services. Anyone claiming to work for Raptive, CafeMedia or AdThrive on these apps is not associated with our business. 

What should I do if I think I’ve encountered an employment scam?

The FBI encourages the public to report information concerning suspicious or criminal activity to their local FBI field office ( or the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center ( 

We encourage anyone who thinks they are a victim of this scam to also report the fraudulent activity to the platform where the fraudulent post was found.

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