Where can I find my Raptive contract/service agreement?

If you’re looking for the details on your contract with Raptive, you’re in the right place!

At Raptive, we refer to this as our Raptive Service Agreement, and you can read through this in its entirety by clicking here.

When did I sign this agreement?

If you applied to join Raptive prior to July 16, 2019, our agreement was included in the initial application that new publishers submit.

If you applied to join Raptive on or after July 16, 2019, the agreement was part of your setup process, after being accepted to Raptive.

How much notice is required to end the contract?

First of all, we hope you’ll stay with Raptive forever, and if there’s anything we can do to make sure you have the very best experience here, we want to know! We’re always willing to discuss any changes you’re thinking about making or opportunities to improve your site, so please know our door is open.

If you ever decide to take your business in a different direction, our ad partners require a 30-day notice before the ads can be removed from your site. This lets us fulfill any inventory promises we’ve made for your site. Please note that if you do leave Raptive and decide to re-apply, our advertisers will require your site to go through the full approval process again, so we’re not able to make any guarantees.

If you have additional sites running Raptive ads that don't meet the 100,000 monthly pageview requirement, and you remove Raptive ads from your qualifying site, we'll have to discontinue running ads on your smaller sites as well.

I still have questions about my Raptive Service Agreement.

We’re happy to answer any questions! Submit a request here in the Help Center, and we’ll help you out.

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