Single-page Application Sites

Raptive monetizes full or partial single-page application (SPA) websites custom-built with React technology and on the Next.js framework. A single-page application site loads only a single page and rewrites the page with new content instead of taking visitors to a new page with a unique URL. 

If you’re considering switching to a SPA framework for your site or are unsure about the structure of other websites you want to monetize with Raptive, email

SPA site specifications that are supported and not supported are listed below:  



  • React (including Next.js)


  • Self-hosted
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • CMS



Not Supported 


  • AngularJS
  • Vue.js




  • Infinite scroll
  • Web stories
  • Sites tests


Ad Installation 

Ad installation is straightforward, and there are no plugins to download. We'll set up your ads.txt file listing our partners authorized to sell your ad spaces and add a snippet of code in the header of your site. 


Our SEO solutions can boost search performance for single-page application sites like multi-page sites. The ability to analyze performance is based on the site’s structure. Sites that use parameters and hashtags to distinguish unique page content are not trackable, and optimized page-level performance cannot be accurately tracked.  










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