What are Raptive's policies around AI-generated content?

There is a delicate balance of recognizing the risks that AI poses while also seeing how the responsible use of AI can empower creators to work more efficiently.

For now, any content in the Raptive community, whether written by a person or with the help of AI, should have meaningful, thoughtful human involvement – meaning it has been reviewed, fact-checked, and edited by a human to confirm that all quality standards are met.

What does this mean? Your content should be original (not plagiarizing or violating copyright), accurate, and trustworthy. We recommend that creators clearly indicate when they use AI extensively for transparency to their readers and, most importantly, as good citizens of the internet. This applies to written content, images, and videos.

When we encounter sites within the Raptive community that do not appear to meet these criteria, we may decide to discontinue the partnership. We know there is a lot of gray area and nuance within this, so we will work diligently with creators to address issues when they arise.

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