Playlist Management

The Playlist video player is our highest-earning video player. On average, it accounts for 90% of a site’s video revenue and boosts overall RPM by 10-20%. While you can increase earnings from one playlist, curating multiple playlists around common themes makes it easier for your visitors to discover more content. 

You can view and manage playlists within your Raptive Dashboard under Videos > Playlists.

Playlist Management Overview

What is a playlist?

How to create a playlist

How to add videos to a playlist

How to remove videos from a playlist

How to set the order of videos in a playlist

For WordPress sites: How to set playlists for certain categories

What is a playlist?

A playlist is a collection of videos that will run within the Playlist video player on your site. The Playlist Management feature enables you to create, edit, and publish as many playlists as you want in the dashboard. 

  • Create and publish an unlimited number of playlists
  • Edit playlist titles, change the order of videos in the playlist, and bulk delete playlist videos and playlists
  • Manage a default playlist that serves as a backup playlist when there is no category playlist match found on the page
  • Assign playlists to play on specific website pages based on your page categories in WordPress. This capability requires the Raptive Ads WordPress plugin v3.2.1 or higher. 
    • Not using the Raptive Ads WordPress plugin? Here’s how you can access these capabilities, or manually embed a playlist on a specific page of your site.

Some ways to use playlists

  • Explain something sequentially in a series
  • Break a long video into short chapters
  • Create playlists around a theme such as seasons or events, i.e., holiday recipes, back-to-school, tax filing, etc.

What is the​ ​​Default Playlist?

The Default Playlist serves as a fallback for all other playlists. This playlist will serve on pages without category matches or other embedded playlist players. This playlist cannot be unpublished. You can add and remove videos from this playlist as you wish.

How to create a playlist

It’s quick and easy. To create a playlist:

  1. Click 'Playlists' on the Video tab of your dashboard
  2. Click ‘Create New Playlist,’ give it a name, and click 'Create'


  1. Click “+Add New Videos” to add videos to your playlist, 
  2. Select ‘Save’ in the bottom right.
  3. Choose a playback order and ‘Publish’ the playlist so you can use it to target categories or save it as a draft if it isn’t ready to be published. You can publish as many playlists as you like.


How to add videos to a playlist

There are several ways to add or remove a video from a playlist. You can add/remove one video at a time or select videos in bulk to add/remove to a playlist.

How to add a single video to a playlist

Option 1: Hover over the video and select “Playlist.” Here you can quickly add a video to a premade playlist.

add single video to playlist.png


Option 2: Hover over the video and select “Details.” Scroll down to Video Settings. You can create a new playlist or select a previously made one.

video details add to playlist.png

How to bulk add videos to a playlist

Option 1: Select the videos you want to include in the playlist and click “Add to Playlist.” You can then choose from a list of your premade playlists

bulk add to playlist.png

Option 2: 

Within the playlist, select “Add New Videos.” Select the videos you want to add and click “Save.”

How to remove videos from a playlist

To remove a video from a playlist, simply navigate to the playlist and select the video or videos you’d like to remove. Then click “Remove from Playlist.”

How to set the order of videos in a playlist

Within your custom-made playlists, you can arrange the video order however you’d like! Within the playlist, you can click “Playback Order” and choose one of the following:

  • Most recent first
  • Oldest first
  • Shuffle
  • Title A-Z
  • Title Z-A

You can also custom-order your playlist by dragging and dropping the videos in your chosen order. 

custom order playlist videos.png

For WordPress sites: How to set playlists for certain categories

For WordPress sites using the Raptive Ads WordPress plugin v3.2.1 or higher, you can target specific playlists to run on posts within certain categories on your site. 

An alternative method for non-Raptive Ads WordPress Plugin users is coming soon.

How to Set Up Content-Specific Playlists

Step 1: Enable 'Content Specific Playlists' in your Raptive ads plugin

  1. Update your Raptive Ads WordPress plugin to the latest version
  2. In the plugin settings, enable ‘Content Specific Playlists’


Step 2: Set up categories in your Raptive dashboard

The categories in your Raptive dashboard must correspond exactly to the categories in your WordPress dashboard. You’ll first need to add the categories to your Playlist manager. From there, you can target individual playlists to specific categories so they appear on the relevant posts on your site. 

1. Click Playlists on the Video tab of your dashboard


2. Click an existing playlist title to see the playlist details. You’ll see a list of videos in the playlist and the WP Category Targeting button on the top right.


3. Click the ‘WP Category Targeting’ button to see a drop-down list of categories you’ve added. You can select an existing category or add a new one from here. 

How to create a new category for a playlist

1. Click the ‘Create New Category’ button to add a new category.


2. Enter the category slug exactly as it appears in your WordPress dashboard. You can see the list by logging into WordPress and navigating to ‘Posts’ > ‘Categories.’

This screen displays a list of existing categories and their slugs.


Copy the slug for the category you want to add to your targeting list in your Raptive dashboard, paste it directly into the new category field, and click 'Create.'

3. The newly created category will appear in the list. Click the checkbox next to the category to target your playlist to that WordPress category.

That’s all you need to do! Your playlist will now appear on all posts in the targeted category.

Step 3: Continue targeting your playlists to your WordPress categories.

You can target a playlist to as many WordPress categories as you’d like! 


What happens if I have multiple playlists targeting a post or category?

If multiple playlists target the same category or post, a playlist is chosen randomly at runtime. 

For example, if you have the following playlists:

  • Brownie playlist
  • Cake playlist
  • Cookie playlist

You can target all of them to your ‘desserts’ category, and one will be chosen randomly to start playing when a visitor lands on a page belonging to that category. 

What happens if a playlist has no WordPress category targeted?

When you publish a playlist with no category targeting, it will be eligible to run on any page where your player is eligible.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Not using WordPress?

Follow these instructions to set up category targeting for your playlists. You can also manually embed a playlist on specific pages on your site.

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