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Video is one of the biggest revenue opportunities in digital advertising! Creators who begin monetizing video using our recommendations see 25-35% higher RPM than creators who don’t monetize video.

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Our video players

We offer three types of video players:

  1. Related player: Plays videos you've embedded on a post or page.
  2. Playlist player: Plays a playlist of your videos automatically on most pages on your site unless you turn it off for a specific page.
  3. Sticky Outstream Player: Plays video ads continuously at the bottom of the screen.

We recommend running a combination of all three players on your site for maximum video revenue.

  1. Related Player: Embed a video within a specific post to engage readers and improve SEO. Earn $$$ when readers click to watch.
  2. Playlist Player: Runs in the background on all pages, so you earn video revenue and your readers get a preview of your video content.
  3. Sticky Outstream Player: Fills in on any pages where other video players don’t run (like category pages), so you don’t miss any video revenue.

Talk to a team member today to make sure your site is set up for maximum video revenue.

What's the difference between each video player?

Related and Playlist video players are very similar. Each plays video content you’ve uploaded in your creator dashboard. The same video can play on a specific post in the Related player and in a playlist of videos across many posts on your site in the Playlist player.

The Related player

The Related player is a video you manually embed into a specific post or page on your site by adding an HTML snippet or WordPress shortcode into the page editor.


This gif shows the Related video embedded in the middle of a post.

Use the Related Player to embed videos that are related to the page’s topic. Think of this like an embedded YouTube video, but you earn a lot more money from the ads running before and after the video! Learn more about the Related video player.

The Playlist player

When you upload a video to your creator dashboard, you can choose to add that video to your Playlist player. The Playlist player cycles through videos you add to a playlist and automatically appears across all posts on your site unless you’ve turned it off for a specific post.


This gif shows the Playlist player starting inside content, then becoming "sticky" to scroll with the reader.

Most of your video earnings will come from the Playlist player, and it doesn’t take any effort on your part beyond uploading videos and adding them to the playlist. Learn more about the Playlist video player.

The Sticky Outstream player

The Sticky Outstream player is different from the other two because it does not run any of your uploaded video content. This video player only runs ads.


This gif shows the Sticky Outstream player beginning in the lower right of the screen.

It’s great for creators who haven’t created their own video content yet. Even if you’re running the other two video players on your site, we recommend Sticky Outstream too — make sure you never miss out on a single pageview of video revenue. Learn more about the Sticky Outstream video player.

How do video players earn?

When you run our video players, we provide fast (and free) video hosting that plays up to 30 seconds of non-skippable* ads before each video.

*Ads longer than 30 seconds will always be skippable.

Advance Playlist feature

This default setting helps you earn more from video ads and gives your readers more opportunities to engage with your video content. With Advance Playlist on, the player moves to the next video after 30 seconds if the reader has not interacted with the video player.


Advance Playlist is the default for the Playlist video player and an option for the Related video player. Control this setting for the Related video player via the Ad Preferences page in your dashboard.


Types of video content you can monetize

  1. Videos that are professional or semi-professional. Our advertisers want to make sure the video where their ads appear reflects well on their brand, so they look for well-lit, edited video content that provides value to viewers.
  2. 30 seconds or more of active content. Active content is video content that appears between any logos or title screens.
  3. Video content you've created or that you have the rights to publish on your site.
  4. Videos in the following file types: .mov, .mp4, or .webm.
  5. Videos under 1.2 GB file size.

If you already have videos posted to your YouTube or Vimeo channel, upload those same videos to your dashboard and add them to your Playlist and embed them on posts on your site.

No videos of your own?

You can still earn from video players even if you don’t have any video content of your own.

1. Run a stock video that matches your site’s niche in the Playlist player. We have a wide variety of stock videos matching many topics that earn the same as videos you create. It’s a great way to get started while you work on your own original video content. Contact our team to set this up.

2. Enable the Sticky Outstream video player for all devices. This video player only runs video ads and is perfect for boosting video earnings without creating your own video content. Turn this on via the Ad Preferences page in your dashboard.

Checklist to help you maximize video revenue


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