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The Sticky Outstream video player is perfect if you haven’t created your own video content yet, but we recommend it to every creator so you earn from video revenue on pageviews where a traditional video player won’t run.

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Sticky Outstream vs. Related or Playlist video

The Sticky Outstream video player is unique – it does not run any of your video content uploaded through the creator dashboard. The Sticky Outstream video player only runs video ads.

Unlike the Related or Playlist video players, it does not initially appear within your content and then move to the side of the screen. This video player loads as a small video ad unit at the bottom right of the screen. Readers can close the video player if they choose.


Why should you run Sticky Outstream and other video players?

  • Sticky Outstream is a smaller video player, and it doesn’t start inside content, so it has unique rules about where it can display on the page.
  • On pages with wide content or non-traditional content types (like category, tag, search pages, etc.), other types of video players might cover too much content or might not have a good place to begin inside the content.
  • Run Sticky Outstream so you never miss out on video revenue on a single pageview.

Where will the Sticky Outstream player run?

The Sticky Outstream Video Player can run on any page on your site. On pages where you are running another video player, the Sticky Outstream player may serve before the reader scrolls down to a Sticky Playlist or Sticky Related player, or until they interact with a Stationary Related player.

How to add the Sticky Outstream player to your site

You can turn on the Sticky Outstream video player for the desktop version of your site, mobile, or both (recommended).

If you've turned on our "Auto-Optimize" option on the Ad Preferences page in your dashboard, you’re already running the Sticky Outstream video player on eligible pageviews.


Visit the Ad Preferences page in your dashboard to turn on the Sticky Outstream video player. You'll find the toggle under Video Options:


How to remove the Sticky Outstream player from a specific post or page on your site

If you’re running the AdThrive Ads WordPress plugin, you can remove the Sticky Outstream player from a specific page on your site using the “Disable auto-insert video players” checkbox in the WordPress post editor.


Learn more about turning off ads on a specific post or page.

If you’re not using the AdThrive Ads plugin or don’t have these settings for a specific part of your site, reach out to the team for help.

How to see your Sticky Outstream player earnings

In the “Earnings” section of your dashboard, select “Earnings Overview” for a report on your
earnings by ad unit.


Or, scroll down to access a report on your video revenue for whatever time period you select at the top of the page.


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