Getting set up with Raptive’s Identity Solutions

Getting set up with Raptive’s Identity solutions is an important step of onboarding from Mediavine to help you maximize your revenue potential today and when third-party cookies go away in 2024.

There are three solutions to capture first-party data and email identities– Slickstream, Newsletter Clickthrough ID string, and capturing email subscribers–and see increased revenue from identified traffic.

Newsletter Clickthrough ID

Raptive’s Newsletter Identity Capture helps you earn higher CPMs by retaining and refreshing email identities from subscribers when they click links from an email newsletter.

  • How does it work?The Newsletter Clickthrough ID is a string added to the end of the links in your email newsletters that helps you capture.  Anytime a reader clicks on a link with the Newsletter Clickthrough ID added to it, the identity is captured in the Raptive Identity Solution.

  • Why you should use it– You’ll be able to capture identities for any subscriber who clicks on a link with the ID string added–including those site visitors who never signed up for Grow. 

Visit this help article to learn more about how you can start using the Newsletter Clickthrough ID.


Slickstream is Raptive’s user engagement product suite that helps you offer your readers with a great experience on your site—smart site search, on-page features that make content more discoverable, and features like content favoriting and saving via memberships that helps you gather email addresses.

Already using Grow? Here are some reasons you might want to switch:

  • Grow Sign-in isn’t compatible with Raptive’s email ID system. 
    • Once you start with Raptive, Grow will no longer make the identities captured through your efforts available to your site. 
  • You don’t own your membership data with Grow.
    • You don’t have access to the Grow network membership data; only your individual site email subscriber data.
    • You own and have access to all of your membership data with Slickstream. You’ll have access to the full list of all of your members, the number of favorites they’ve saved, and more. You can also export this data at any time–your data is yours to use.

Ready to get started? It takes just a few steps to get Slickstream set up and running on your site.

    1. Let us know you’re interested by signing up here. This step gives our team the information they need to make sure you have the best install experience.
    2. Our team will reach out to you within 1-3 business days to complete the final steps needed to get Slickstream installed on your site.

Capture more email subscribers 

The Raptive identity system can capture email identities from dozens of email subscription sign-up forms, so you can pick the email sign up form that fits your site experience and business goals.

Capturing more subscribers helps your business in two ways–capturing more identified visitors and building an audience of loyal readers you can drive back to your site through email newsletters.

Not sure where to start? We recommend using OptinMonster to create highly effective email capture forms that can be designed to match your brand.

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