How do I share Google Analytics 4 access with Raptive?

We use Google Analytics to report important data in your dashboard once you have joined Raptive, so all creators will have to share access to their site's GA4 property as a part of the onboarding process. 

We’ll need to be added as a Viewer to your site's GA4 property to be able to pull your analytics information into the Raptive dashboard. If you previously gave us permission on your Account level, then you may be all set — otherwise, you’ll need to give us access to the property.

The directions below will guide you through how to provide us with Viewer level access to your GA4 property:


In your GA4 account, click Admin and then Property Access Management.



If you don’t already have Raptive as a user, click the blue plus button and then "Add users".


In the email address field, enter the email address provided to you in the Raptive Setup Assistant.

Leave the box checked so we get notified by email, select "Viewer" for our role, then click the “Add” button.


You’re all set!

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