Comscore YouTube Attribution Instructions

Comscore's core audience measurement services include desktop and mobile video metrics for YouTube Partner reporting. This allows Comscore to track video-viewing audiences cultivated by creators within the YouTube universe, an integral part of the online video-viewing environment.

Providing attribution for your YouTube traffic for Comscore helps make sure brands continue to see Raptive as a top way to reach the widest possible audience. This puts us in a better position to secure higher-RPM deals at larger dollar amounts for you!

How to provide YouTube attribution


  • If you are part of Raptive's YouTube MCN program, you do not have to do this step; it has already been completed for you. 
  • YouTube Accounts must be set up under YouTube’s Partner Program. This is a status usually granted to monetized accounts by YouTube for accounts managed by the Channel Owner/Channel Manager with admin privileges, which include access to the Content Management Systems, for all applicable channels.
  • Additionally, the channel must have at least 1,000 views in a country per day to be eligible for Comscore reporting.  

Option #1: Set up attribution through settings in the dashboard

Make sure your YouTube channels are enabled for Comscore reporting using the Third-Party Attribution in CMS.

  1. Log in to your Business Account for YouTube Studio and access your Content Management System. You must have admin-level account access. 
  2. In the "Content Owner" section, select "Settings," go to “Third party attribution” and click the box to edit.
    • Make sure the “Video view attribution” is “Enabled” 
    • The “Attribution display name” is how the channel will display within reports. 
    • Update the Matrix attribution to “Raptive (formerly CafeMedia)”
      • Please make sure to copy and paste our name exactly
      • If you are unable to edit the Matrix Attribution, please reach out to your YouTube account rep. They can assist with updating this setting.
  3. Provide a screenshot of the completed steps to your Creator Partnerships Manager. 

See YouTube article for more on how to access: Allow third-party traffic attribution


YouTube Matrix_Updated 6.4.24.jpg


Option #2: Send an email to your YouTube rep

If you don't have a YouTube rep, you can email YouTube Partner Support:

Below is an email draft you can edit and send to your rep or the email address above. Please update the content in YELLOW before sending.

  • Note" The “Attribution display name” is how the channel will display within reports. Please use whatever company/channel name you'd like. 

Email draft to edit and send:

Dear YouTube Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is ________, and I am a Content Owner of ____(Channel/Company Name)____ . We are working with Raptive to set up Comscore Traffic Sharing for our YouTube Channels and need your assistance to ensure the correct configuration.

Could you please help us with the following:

  1. Third-Party Attribution Enablement

    • We would like to confirm that Third Party Attribution is enabled for our YouTube channels to ensure that they are properly set up for Comscore Reporting.

  1. Matrix Attribution Field:

    • We need to update the Matrix Attribution field and to confirm that it is available for our account. We would like the Matrix Attribution field to be set with Raptive (Formerly CafeMedia) to ensure proper crediting to Comscore.

  1. Additional Settings:

    • We would like to confirm that the name of our channel (________) is also set in the Attribution Display Name as________.

    • Channel Level Attribution is set to enabled.

Ultimately, we would like our account settings to reflect the below: 

YouTube Matrix_Updated 6.4.24_Settings.jpg




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