What is Custom Creative?


Custom Creative is a way for you to access high-performing ad campaigns designed and engineered by the Raptive Creative Studio to put more money in your pockets. Advertisers work directly with us to develop custom ad campaigns, so more of their dollars flow straight to you!

Custom Creative ad campaigns pay you $4-$8.25 CPMs, making you 2-3x more revenue when an ad space featuring Custom Creative runs on your site.

  • Earn more now. We’re using our expertise in ad performance and creator audiences to develop ads that look great and perform even better.
  • Earn more later. Custom Creative helps top brands see great results and spend more money directly with Raptive sites in the long run—a key way to keep RPMs high in the future without third-party cookies.


How Custom Creative works

Before a Custom Creative ad enters the programmatic auction for a space on your site, we deduct a $2-$3 CPM Creative Services fee from the advertiser price to cover the cost of designing, developing, and optimizing the ad campaign for the brand.

Custom Creative ads enter the exact same ad auction that every other advertiser participates in. When a Custom Creative ad will pay you the most, it will run in an existing ad space on your site.

You can only make more money when you run Custom Creative—if a Custom Creative ad won’t pay you the most, it won’t win the auction.

Custom Creative  - Creative Services fee (1).png

Does running Custom Creative mean more ads on my site?

Nope! You’ll continue to run the exact same ad units (like your sidebar ads, content ad, or footer ad) you’ve always run—Custom Creative just opens up new opportunities for the ad creative (the ad designs) that can run in those ad units.

Custom Creative ads can look like any other well-designed ad you’re used to seeing on your site. There’s no visual marker for a Custom Creative ad designed by our Sales team—we don’t add a Raptive logo or any branding for us.

How does the Creative Services fee work?

Brands work directly with the Raptive Creative Studio instead of expensive third-party creative partners to handle all the production, creative, and technical work to develop ad campaigns. 

By engineering these ad campaigns in-house, we’re able to get more of what advertisers spend to launch an ad campaign directly to you!

The Creative Services fee depends on the exact format of ad creative (the types of design that can appear in your existing ad units). 

These are the Custom Creative ad formats we're selling to advertisers today:

Custom Creative examples.png

Custom Creative Format

Creative Services fee (CPM)

Runs in content ad units

Beyond Banner
Runs in footer ad unit
Runs in content, recipe, and sidebar ad units

Runs in content ad units


Runs in content ad units


Runs in footer ad units



Get Custom Creative

Visit the Ad Preferences page in your Raptive dashboard to turn on Custom Creative and start earning more today!

Custom Creative ad controls.png

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