When should I let the Raptive team know about site changes?

If you're planning significant changes to your site, we encourage you to take advantage of your handy Raptive team's expertise to keep your site and your ads running smoothly. The changes you make to your site are ultimately up to you, but some changes can damage your ad performance and earnings (or even take your ads offline!) — so we'd love to work together as a team to make sure everything is working properly!

These are our most important tips for any major changes to your site:

  1. Give us a heads up BEFORE you make a major change! Submit a ticket here so we can share any insight we have about how the change might affect your ads and our best tips for making it seamless and easy!
  2. Make changes during standard US business hours (M–F, 8–5 ET). We'd highly recommend scheduling any big changes to your site during these hours, so the full Raptive team is within easy reach for any questions or tweaks that need to be made to your ads.

We recommend reaching out to us if you plan on making any of the following changes:

1. Changing your domain/URL

Changing the domain of your site will almost always have a negative impact on your ad earnings, so if it's something you're considering, we'd love the chance to talk through some options with you!

When you change your domain, it can be like starting from square one with advertisers who are familiar with your site and the history they have with your previous URL — even if you redirect all the traffic correctly. You can read more about that right here.

2. Moving to HTTPS

Moving from HTTP to HTTPS is not considered a domain change by advertisers, and it's a step we DO recommend for your site! You can read more about why it's a great idea right here. Just let us know so we can make sure everything looks great for your ads!

3. Redesigning your site layout

Site redesigns are always exciting! It's a lot of work, but everyone loves a good makeover, right?

We have a few general tips for you to be aware of when making changes to your site's theme or design. You can find those here!

When you make changes to the layout of your site, it can affect your ad placements, so be sure to let us know.

4. Editing your ads.txt file

Ads.txt is a text file that lives on your site and lists the ad networks that are authorized to sell your site's ad spaces. In most cases, we take care of your ads.txt file for you, and you won't need to do anything. See this article for more information!

Please reach out to us if you need to make any edits to your ads.txt file, so we can make sure it has all the entries necessary for your ads to earn at full strength.

5. Changing Google Analytics implementation

We recommend installing Google Analytics on your site by placing the code inside the <head> section of your site, because we've found it to be the most accurate way to track pageviews!

Google Analytics never affects your ad earnings, but it does affect how we track and report your ad performance. Read more about that here.

If you make any changes to the way Google Analytics is installed on your site (moving the code, changing themes, switching Analytics plugins, adding additional tracking or other Analytics codes), let us know so we can double check that everything is tracking correctly for your ads!


Any time you're considering a major change to your site structure or design, take advantage of your Raptive team's skill and savvy. We've got your back and we're always happy to weigh in and help you understand any impact those changes might have on your ads!

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