How do I disable the Playlist or Sticky Outstream video player on a specific post or page?

If your site uses WordPress,you can tell the automatically-inserted Playlist video player not to load on a specific post or page.

1. In the WordPress editor, scroll down below the content.

2. In the section titled “AdThrive Ads”, you’ll find a checkbox to disable certain types of ads.


If you are not seeing all of these options, you may need to update your AdThrive Ads plugin.

3. Check the box* for "Disable auto-insert video players." This will tell the Playlist video Player and/or the Sticky Outstream video player not to display on that page.

*You will need to check this specific box even if you’ve checked the “Disable all ads” box — that setting only controls display ads, not video players.

4. If you are disabling video players as a requirement for a sponsored post contract, or otherwise intend on re-enabling them in the future, choose a date in the "Re-enable ads on" field to schedule when your disabled ads will automatically re-enable.


If your site doesn’t use WordPress, our team can remove automatically inserted video players from a specific page/post or provide a code snippet for you to remove the video player. Just submit a ticket here.

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