What types of video can Raptive monetize?

Our ad partners have premium campaigns available for:

  1. Videos that are professional or semi-professional. Our advertisers simply want to make sure the video reflects well on their brand, so they look for well-lit, edited video content that provides value to viewers.
  2. 30 seconds or more of active content — video content between any logos or title screens.
  3. Video content you've created or that you have the rights to publish on your site.
  4. Videos in the following file types: .mov, .mp4, or .webm.
  5. Videos under 1.2 GB.

If you already have videos posted on your YouTube or Vimeo channel, make sure to get them loaded onto your Raptive video player! Read more about getting started with video here, or contact us so we help you get set up.

Don’t have your own video content yet?

You can still earn from video ads right now! Just head to your Ad Preferences page and turn on the Sticky Outstream Video Player. This player sticks to the bottom of the screen and runs video ads continuously. It can increase your RPM by up to 10–15%! Read more here.

Are you brand new to video creation and don’t know where to begin? Take a look at these popular types of video for some inspiration for turning your written content into engaging video content.

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