Why am I getting an "AdSense alert: Earnings at risk" warning about ads.txt?

Occasionally, our publishers report seeing the following alert message at the top of their Google AdSense page: "AdSense Alert: Earnings at risk - One or more of your sites does not have an ads.txt file."

This message is automatically sent out by AdSense when their system recognizes that the ads.txt file on your site does not include your AdSense account information. You could also receive this notice if you have more than one site attached to your AdSense account.

As long as you aren't using AdSense ads on this site anymore, you can safely ignore this email. Ignoring this warning will not hurt your standing with Google or AdSense and it won't cause any issues if you want to use AdSense in the future.

If you received this warning and ARE running AdSense ads, just let us know and we'll make sure your ads.txt file is working properly and includes what you need for AdSense.

For more information on your ads.txt file, check out this article: Should I update my ads.txt file?

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