Can Raptive serve ads on pages with infinite scroll?

It's possible! Your Raptive ads can appear on pages that are set up with infinite scroll.

Infinite scroll is a way of loading website content as a user scrolls down a page. A homepage with infinite scroll might continue to load blog post excerpts as the user scrolls, while a post page might load an additional post as the reader scrolls to the end of the post they are reading. 

We can serve additional ads on the new content that is loaded as the user scrolls, as long as the new content that is loaded matches the format of the previous content. This means that either infinitely loaded excerpts or infinitely loaded full content work best for our infinite scroll support, rather than a mix of the two in the same page experience.

Just let us know if this is a feature you're using on your site so we can check to make sure Raptive ads are compatible with your setup.

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