How can I enable Raptive Email Identity?

Raptive Email Identity is one way advertisers can gather information on your readers and target their ads accordingly while retaining user privacy.

Learn more about how Raptive Email Identity works and helps you earn the most money for your ads: What is identity?

We turn this on for all creators automatically, but if you've opted out in the past, you can turn it back on via the Ad Preferences page in your dashboard. Look for the "Enable Raptive Email Identity" setting under Email, and turn on the toggle.


What do I have to do after opting in?

You don't need to do ANYTHING on your end. This is implemented through our ad code and will identify when an email address is entered into a form on your site. 

Is this a new form I need to add to my site?

Nope — this solution works with any existing form where users submit email addresses on your site, such as an email signup form or a comment form.

Does this work with all forms on my site?

Raptive Email Identity can capture and hash emails entered into most forms on your site. We're also working on solutions for emails captured using types of forms that are not currently compatible, such as those hosted on another URL or contained within an iframe.

Does Raptive Email Identity honor GDPR/CCPA opt-out requests?

Yes, it honors user privacy preferences for both GDPR and CCPA.

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