How do I add the GPT validation tag to my site for Google’s review?

In order to have your site fully approved for Raptive, it’s necessary to get Google’s approval. Depending on your ad provider, we'll either have you update your ads.txt file or add a GPT validation snippet so we can submit your domain for approval.

Having either your ads.txt file updated or the tag on your site allows Google to match your domain with our request to manage your ad inventory. Once your new ads are installed, we’ll remove the tag for you.

If we've asked you to update your ads.txt file, this article is not for you. If you need some help adding the GPT snippet to your site correctly, here are some tips!

If your site is on WordPress

Many WordPress themes come with a built-in area to add JavaScript or header/footer scripts where you can add the GPT validation tag. If you can’t find it, or your theme doesn't have this area, you can install a plugin like WP Code - Insert Headers and Footers and use that to add the GPT tag.

If you’re running WP Rocket on your site, the validation tag could potentially get optimized, which would prevent the validation tag from working correctly.

You will need to add these exclusions to your WP Rocket settings by following the steps below. Be careful not to delete any existing exclusion lines from your settings.

1. Head over to your WP Rocket settings and click on File Optimization:

2. Scroll down to the JavaScript Files section.

3. Add the following exclusion lines:


4. If you have the Minify JavaScript files, Load JavaScript deferred and Delay JavaScript execution settings enabled, paste the exclusion lines from Step 3 in the Excluded JavaScript Files box located under these settings as follows:


Save your changes and let us know once you've completed these steps.

If your site is on Blogger

In your Blogger account, navigate to Theme > More > Edit HTML. Place the tag before </head> and click Save.

If your site is on Squarespace

If you have a premium Squarespace account, you can navigate to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection. Squarespace has a nice how-to video here if you’d like more direction on that.

If your site is on Xenforo

In Xenforo, add the tag to the page_container_js_head template.

Don’t see your platform listed here?

If you have a custom CMS or your site is on a platform not listed here, just know that the tag should be added before the closing </head> tag. Most platforms have an area to add custom JavaScript or edit an HTML template. If you can’t find where the tag needs to go for your site, just reach out and we’ll be happy to help you find the right spot.

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